Katy Perry’s “Roar” Music Video Is More Than a Literal Jungle


In her “Roar” video, Katy Perry is literally in the jungle… surprised much? Nope, didn’t think so.  For a single that has been deemed more mature than the singer’s past work, “Roar” could stand some fun treatment and OF COURSE a full-out jungle video with was the route that ole girl would go.  Sure, I wouldn’t say “Roar was a total bore in itself, but face it, it’s no “California Gurls” or “Teenage Dream” where excitability or outrageousness is concerned.  In that regard, Katy had to have an eye-catching music video.  And we all know that Katy Perry likes to draw attention.

Katy Perry-DGG-042842Here’s the thing, maybe if you just go in watching “Roar” assuming that Katy Perry’s a  ‘silly billy’, you’ll totally miss the point… I’ll admit, I did the first time.  Essentially, the video clip is  both a clever, yet lighter way for Perry to match and convey the inspirational nature and narrative of her song.  Perry’s strength, maybe even shockingly so, actually grows after watching and listening to “Roar” a couple of times.  Who would’ve thought Perry could mature?

Aside from the music video itself, let’s go back to the song itself.  It’s growing on me more and more.  I never found “Roar” to be a deal breaker or buzz kill the first couple of go-rounds  (and I definitely felt it more than Lady Gaga’s “Applause”), but I also wasn’t quite ready to go the coronation either.  I’m not ready to call it the greatest pop song of 2013 and probably never will, but I’ll give Perry her due – it was the only single strong enough to dethrone King RobinThicke that is, and we all know them “Blurred Lines” was something!

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