Chart Moves August 28, 2013: Luke Still Rules as Mayer Underperforms



Chart Rewind 

The big news was Luke Bryan, who dominated the Billboard Albums Chart with a 528,000 bow with Crash My Party. The bridesmaid? K. Michelle’s Rebellious Soul, which sold a respectable 72,000 copies.

Luke Fends Off Mayer To Retain Top Spot

51jVAdn45ZL._SL500_AA280_Luke Bryan manages to remain atop the Billboard 200 Albums Chart with another 159,000 copies of Crash My Party following a gargantuan 528,000 copies opening last week.  Keeping score, Bryan has sold 687,000 copies in two weeks.  With that much product sold, ole boy can kick back as many beers as he wants to.  John Mayer wasn’t so lucky as Paradise Valley started rather unimpressively with 144,000 copies sold, good for a number two debut.  Yeah, plenty of artists would love to come anywhere near selling six figures these days, but for Mayer, this is his worst opening since the beginning of his career.  Win some, lose some.

51M-LzDg8kL._SL500_AA280_TGT debut brightly at number three with 76,000 copies sold of the trio’s anticipated Three Kings.  For an R&B album and for the respective artists, this is really a sensational spot.  Prognosticated with lower sales, 76,000 is superb.  Jimmy Buffett’s Songs from St. Somewhere finds itself at number four with 55,000 copies, Earl Sweatshirt lands at number five with 49,000 copies sold of debut Doris, while A$AP Ferg’s Trap Lord sells 32,000 copies, good enough for a number nine bow.  Some solid numbers, for this day and age.



Robin Thicke Is Unstoppable

She can roar all she wants to, but Katy Perry can’t stop Robin Thicke… yet at least.  Thicke manages a rare 12th week atop the Billboard Hot 100 – regardless of the controversy swirling around the summer’s biggest single.

Who’s Got Next? 

51rqb8isF1L._SL500_AA280_Several albums dropped on August 27 that are noteworthy.  Big Sean is likely the biggest in the urban realm with his anticipated sophomore effort Hall of Fame.  However, Sean is joined by the reunion album of Goodie Mob (Rage Against the Machine) as well as Juicy J’s long awaited Still Trippy.  Hip-hop isn’t the only bright spot.  Franz Ferdinand return with Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, Avenged Sevenfold return with Hail to The King, and Marques Houston arrives with Famous.  Best bets? Big Sean and Avenged Sevenfold perhaps?


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