Rant: Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Nothing Short of A Hot Mess


This post was supposed to be my review of Big Sean’s Hall of Fame, or even analyzing Lil Wayne’s uninspired year, or even catching up with releases from August 20 be it TGT’s sensually-propelled Three Kings or August Alsina’s EP Downtown: Life Under A Gun. But NO, this is a post about one who truly “can’t be tamed” and proved it to the upmost on MTV’s once more controversial Music Video Awards Miley Cyrus more than extinguished her teeny past – she made herself look like…choose a word of your preference (skanky, etc.).  I mean, was this sexually driven performance really courtesy of the same girl who sang that incredibly annoying song about climbing a mountain?

Miley Cyrus-PZH-000280My thoughts on Miley Cyrus? I have never been a fan – I promise you that.  And after watching the spectacle that was called a ‘performance,’ I highly doubt  I will ever be one.  Let’s keep it simply musical to begin with.  Cyrus sounded like a pitchy trainwreck on both “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines”.  I mean, “We Can’t Stop” is certainly more appealing than most of her singles, but such an inaccurate performance just welcomes the skeptics.  And she should’ve avoided “Blurred Lines” like the plague, for realz.

Oh and her dancing…CHILD! That was nothing short of atrocious to the nth effing degree. Stop dancing Miley, please! I’m begging you with all my heart! Oh and Robin Thicke, you’re my bro and all, but you certainly did yourself no favors… NADA.  Those live vocals (specifically them  runs) was not popping any way, shape or how.  You have less to prove than MC, but still it’s hard not to point the accusatory ‘studio singer’ label.  I prefer my live vocalists with some sense of relative pitch while performing.  Sex doesn’t atone for musicianship. #SMDH.

Miley Cyrus-JTM-064938While I have no problem with Cyrus trying to break away from her past, Sunday night was also an artistic disaster from top to bottom. I mean, fuzzy teddy bears? Foam fingers?  Provocative tongue action? That god-awful outfit? Cuss words, cuss words, cuss words!  And then the strip tease just made it even more sluttier… pardon my French.  Oh and to return to bottoms, I think it’s way, way past time for Cyrus to quit twerking.  She should’ve never started.  And should never ever go there again.  Can we cancel the upcoming album Bangerz? She should save herself from the surefire criticism before it happens.  I would – I’m just saying.


Ultimately, Miley Cyrus has probably done herself more PR damage than she intended. I think she wanted to shock by all means, but shock value also has a fine line that can be incredibly detrimental to a career.  If I were her, I’d be ashamed.  That was nothing short of tasteless, period.  You know how Jay-Z urges Miley to “keep twerkin’” on the Magna Carta…Holy Grail song “Somewhereinamerica”? Hov, that was hella irresponsible man!


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