3 Songs From Each Album That Make Me ‘Gaga’ For Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga-20130814-26

One artist that is irresistibly delicious to follow is Lady Gaga. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m pretty ‘gaga’ for Gaga. Why you ask? Because you never know what Stefani Germanotta is going to do – she go cray cray!  She definitely beats to her own drummer on her own, well, universe.  That said, new single “Applause” left me a bit underwhelmed and surprised.  I mean, the same woman that has dressed in drag (Jo Calderon) , meat, and came to an even in an egg is held to a higher level of eccentricity.  “Applause” wasn’t bad by any means, but nor did it shimmer like some of my personal favorites from her three albums The Fame, The Fame Monster, and Born This Way.  All three tickled my fancy. I could’ve easily pick more than three cuts that confirmed my mad love for LG in any given effort.  But alas, I’ve limited myself to three favorites from each.


The Fame

(October 2008)

1. “Poker Face

2. “LoveGame

3. “Just Dance

The Fame was definitely Gaga’s first hurrah, and it was a grand one.  “Poker Face” is the crown jewel, even if “Just Dance” truly introduced all of us to pop’s next great star.  As much as I’ve enjoyed the jokes about the former number one hit “Poker Face” and Lady Gaga herself, “LoveGame” may have been my favorite, even if it was like totally inappropriately suggestive: “Let’s have some fun this beat is sick / I wanna take a ride on your disco stick…” Yeah, I really don’t need to say more.  There it is.


The Fame Monster 

(November 2009) 

1. “Bad Romance”

2. “Speechless” 

3. “Alejandro” 

The Fame Monster in itself is an EP.  A deluxe edition combined The Fame with The Fame Monster.  I guess I’m saying this isn’t really Gaga’s second full album… or something like that.  Regardless, the goods remained, with “Bad Romance” yielding nothing less than exceptionalness. As catchy if not more addictive than “Poker Face”, what is most shocking is that “Bad Romance” found itself stuck at number two, never ascending to the top spot.  “Speechless” makes this list because it shows more of a singer/songwriter Lady Gaga as opposed to a big danceable pop record. It shows Gaga’s artistic versatility.  “Alejandro” wasn’t too shabby itself, as it contrasted previous Gaga records as well.   


Born This Way

(May 2011)

1. “Born This Way”

2. “Yoü and I

3. “Scheiße

Maybe I’d just grown more invested in Gaga by this time, but I thought Born This Way was filled with hits.  Sure, The Fame will remain the album to beat, but there are plenty of honorable mentions I could add to this list including “Hair” which features the late Clarence Clemons, “Judas”, a fine, addicting single in itself, “Marry The Night” and even “Government Hooker”.  Even so, there are three top-echelon juggernauts as well, one less heralded.

“Born This Way” is a no-brainer, given its message of tolerance while also being a brilliantly penned/performed single.  “Yoü and I” reminds me most of say “Speechless” from The Fame Monster, given Gaga something more than the groovy dance hit.  I’m still trying to figure out Lady Gaga-20121109-25why the umlaut is needed, but it definitely captures my attention.  The dark horse of Born This Way for me was “Schieße”, which is incredibly catchy and superbly produced.  I mean, “I don’t speak German, but I can if you’d like…” has to be one of the more unique intros, right?  Still, naming this girl-power cut (“Love is objectified by what men say is right / scheiße, scheiße be mine / bullshit be mine…”) a German term that translates to sh*t…well it is Gaga after all.

SO… there you have it, three songs fro each album that make me Gaga for Gaga.  Gaga deserves some applause for these for sure.

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