Chart Moves, August 21, 2013: Luke Crashes Onto the Albums Chart



Chart Rewind – Quick Highlights

41Cks-K2h3L._SL500_AA280_Last week, The Civil Wars landed at number one with The Civil Wars selling 116,000 copies.  Now 47 found itself debuting at number two with 82,000 copies. Asking Alexandria debuted at number five with 41,000 copies of From Death to Destiny sold.  Tye Tribbett broke through the top ten with his latest gospel effort Greater Than, which bowed at number nine with 30,000 copies.

Albums: Luke Bryan Sells Half-Milli Plus 

Luke Bryan-KLO-000130Luke Bryan sold more copies than Kanye West… wait, what? Yes, the “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” singer has came up and big time.  Bryan’s latest effort Crash My Party may have the critics skeptical (myself included), but the numbers definitely don’t lie.  With 528,000 copies sold, Bryan easily debuted atop the Billboard 200.

Why is this so significant? Lately, the only country artist who has sold more than 500,000 copies before ‘Cool Hand Luke’ was Taylor Swift.  And yes, arguments could be made that Swift straddles country and pop almost equally.  528,000 copies was good enough to snag the third best opening of the year, with Jay-Z’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail only outselling Bryan by a small number of copies.  I guess Bryan can throwback a beer anytime he wants to… I mean, he does on Crash My Party.

The Rest of the Top Ten 

51AjsEvsGwL._SL500_AA280_Luke Skywalker…err Bryan wasn’t the only new offering this week. That said, only one other made a notable splash. K. Michelle got it done for those of us who still enjoy an R&B album from time to time.  Rebellious Soul debuted at number two with a respectable 72,000 copies.  Sure, 72,000 doesn’t scream surefire hit, but for an R&B affair, particularly many who have sold somewhere in the 20-40K range, that’s big.  Particularly given Michelle’s brashness, those numbers are truly nice. 

Songs: The Pressure’s On Robin 

Robin Thicke-20130708-140Blurred Lines” has drawn it’s fair share of controversy, but what has been undeniable is that it’s nothing short of a juggernaut.  With new singles from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga materializing, it would seem the double digit number one hit would be toast this week.  While Katy Perry’s “Roar” managed to do more than ‘purr’ ascending to number two on the Hot 100, Thicke remains firmly planted atop the Billboard Hot 100 for an 11th week.  Wow!  Oh and that artist known for her uniqueness by the name of Gaga… “Applause” still made a splash at number six.

Who’s Got Next?

51jVAdn45ZL._SL500_AA280_Keep one name in mind: John Mayer.  John Mayer knows how to snag a number one album (Heavier Things, Battle Studies, Born and Raised), and why should Paradise Valley be any different? Unless… Luke Bryan has a strong enough second week to hold off JM.  Mayer isn’t the only new release.  He is joined by Earl Sweatshirt (Doris), Tedeschi Trucks Band (Made Up Mind), TGT (Three Kings), A$AP Ferg (Trap Lord), Superchunk (I Hate Music) and Jimmy Buffett (Songs From St. Elsewhere) among others.




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