Lady Gaga: “Applause” or Not?


Does Lady Gaga’s “Applause” lack some Gaga-ness

Lady Gaga⎪“Applause” (Single)⎪Interscope 

Lady Gaga-20121109-25Every move that a celebrity like Lady Gaga makes is gargantuan, period.  Lady Gaga has become one of today’s most inescapable pop artists, transcending platinum albums to basically be recognized as a pop cultural icon.  Yep, it’s that deep.  After only three albums (The Fame, The Fame Monster, and Born This Way), Gaga has elevated herself to full blown stardom.  After a two-year hiatus, Lady Gaga is returning and of course it’s going to be huge.  While she deserves major applause for her accomplishments, does her new single “Applause” capture the essence or greatness of Gaga’s past? Well…

Lady Gaga-20130814-26I found “Applause” to be somewhat catchy after several consecutive listens, but that’s part of the problem…it should’ve latched from the initial listen in my eyes.  People, “Applause” is not another “Let’s Dance” (The Fame), “Bad Romance” (The Fame Monster), or “Born This Way” (Born This Way).  It has the normal Lady Gaga cues, but to me, it just doesn’t quite have the same oomph and punch.  And the fact that it is kinda normal takes away from an artist as wild as Lady Gaga. That isn’t to say that ARTPOP won’t be epic or that “Applause” won’t grow on me more (though it seems somewhat doubtful),  but from a first listen, I just wasn’t ‘blown away’. I wanted to love it, and I tried to, but something is missing.

Verdict: ✰✰✰

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