Opinion: Justin Bieber Pathway To Epic Failure Continues…

Justin Bieber performs during his concert at The Air Canada Centre in Canada Toronto 07/26/2013 © Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

I really should be tired of writing about him, but when your life is as crazy, yet colorful as Justin Bieber’s, well there is never any shortage for us pop culture loving bloggers to scrutinize.  Face it, Justin Bieber is nothing short of a hot mess. No I don’t care if I get any random twitter mentions with nasty rebuttals because I speak the truth – all trill here baby! I repeat, JUSTIN BIEBER IS A HOT MESS!  If you think he’s a hottie not guilty of anything, then read no further than this.  Just saying!

Yes, there are plenty of young girls who think Bieber going shirtless showing off his array of ink is the ‘second coming’ and ultimately think he’s the coolest thing since… well ever. But us mature folks know better and are pretty doggone sick of this 19-year old’s clearly immature and irresponsible antics.  Maybe Bieber is trying to ‘flex’ his teenage muscles and act grown, but Bieber’s idea of being grown is completely out of order.

Justin Bieber performs during his concert at The Air Canada Centre in Canada Toronto 07/26/2013 © Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews

The latest fiasco of bad behavior? Bieber apparently brought home two older ladies from the club and according to NY Daily News, he apparently used a flashlight to pick his women of choice in the club.  Of course, nothing with Bieber is without drama anymore as we’ve all found out too often.  And nope, the flashlight wasn’t even the drama I was referencing!  Bieber gets into a verbal argument with another guy (you remember that one incident where Justin Bieber threatened the paparazzi with those colorful f-bombs?), who ends up with bruised ribs and a black eye after JB’s entourage beats him.  The end.  Oh and you know what a part of the argument… a bow tie!  Like Bieber’s contemporary Conor Maynard said on “Girls Can’t Say No”, “Houston, I think we’ve got a problem”.

What will it take to bring Justin Bieber back to earth? What will it take to make him a compassionate human being as opposed to nothing short of the brattiest of brats? Where is this need to act so foolishly and tarnish his reputation coming from? I personally could care less whether he tarnishes his reputation or not (call me a cruel heartless son of a gun), but I do think he’s going to regret if he messes up a grand opportunity.  Justin Bieber is not the ‘end all be all’ of pop music… he’s not bigger than the trends, no matter how many albums he’s sold or how many tween girls thinks his abs are da bomb.

WATCH OUT! Justin Bieber apparently side swiped a comedians' car and ran over a photographer's leg and didn't stop as he left the Laugh Factory with best buddy Lil' Twist Los Angeles 06/17/2013 © Devone Byrd,PacificCoastNews.com

The peak of one’s fame, particularly in this age only lasts a season. If Bieber continues going in the adverse direction that he is currently, his season may just barely make it to his 20th birthday.  Justin, please put a shirt on, pull up your pants, and get it together! Better yet, do all those things I just prescribed and sit down somewhere!!! SMH!!!

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