Steve Grand Still Has Folks Talkin’


pto3wzqdhluddlohrjrgy72ez690xz0Being openly gay and a country artist seems like two completely different worlds, but Steve Grand manages to be both of those things.  A few weeks ago, “All American Boy” was the song/video everyone was buzzing about. Yeah, yeah, I know, “Blurred Lines” (Robin Thicke) and “We Can’t Stop” (Miley Cyrus) were actually what was making noise on the charts, but “All American Boy” breaks barriers formerly unbroken.  How many instances of  a same-sex love story can you cite in music, regardless of genre? (That’s rhetorical for the most part).  While the narrative of  boy meets/crushes on girl or visa versa has been happening forever in Steve-Grand-All-American-Boy-Videopopular music, there are many fewer instances of gay-themed love affairs.  Perhaps this and the ‘braveness’ that it took for Grand to upload the video clip/music clips of the single are a facet of the allure itself.

I’ll reiterate from my previous post that  I believe the song is well written, well sung, and might potentially prove historical  for all music, specifically country music. That doesn’t mean that Grand will be the next great country star, but it does mean that he has done something others before him haven’t. Grand has opened up the conversation; the discussion about his viral hit just might be a ‘game changer’. Sure viral hits come and go, but this particular one continues to cut deeper and that’s big.  Below are some of the coverage “All American Boy” has received.

HuffPost Live (July 9, 2013)

ABC News (July 20, 2013)

CNN (July 20, 2013)

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