The Mariah Carey #Beautiful Remix Is… Um… Something


Mariah Carey featuring Miguel & Jeezy⎪#Beautiful (Remix) ⎪ Island

So let’s talk briefly about this “#Beautiful” (Remix), which happens to be the second remix of the song. Hmm, what to say, what to say, what to say.  My puzzler is puzzling… My sole question would be, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS MARIAH CAREY DOING? This is crazy, but not necessarily in a good way.  The original of the song definitely had a different sort of sound/vibe than what us Carey lovers have been used to, and that was OK. Nothing wrong with trying different things. I was onboard…well somewhat… yeah, it grew on me.  But this remixed joint… a bit of a WTF moment.

On the positive side the production is more muscular you might say.  I can’t deny that the original needed a lil somethin’ somethin’ else, and so adding hip-hop savvy drum programming is welcomed.  But with the pros come the cons, and there are a few from my perspective.  The biggest pro is that Miguel’s verse is absent.  Now that’s a bummer on this particular song.  I mean, I don’t know why he wanted Mariah Carey riding on the back of his bike anyways (“Hop on the back of my bike / let the good wind blow through your hair”) but who am I to judge?

The next rub is Jeezy.  Believe me, I’ve bumped to Jeezy since his first solo album came out in 2005, but why is he the MC you’d opt for here?  And what is he rapping? Yes, I know he’s collaborated with Mimi before (“Side Effects” from E=MC), but was he necessary? And YESSSS, that’s rhetorical.  Third con? There’s way too much going on.  Yeah I love my hard drums added in there, but there’s a bit too much over singing from Mimi, who seems to be trying to truly ‘reinvigorate’ “#Beautiful”.

Ultimately, I don’t think this remix quite works. Ya win some, ya lose some.  Thumbs down.

Verdict: ✰✰

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