Mini-Review: Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers, Nothing Can Stop Us

Cornell Meets Soothsayers Campbell, Nothing Can Stop Us © Strut

Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers⎪ Nothing Can Stop Us⎪Strut⎪⎪ US Release Date: July 8, 2013

“I don’t want no negative person try to steal my vibe.” That’s what legendary Jamaican artist  Cornell Campbell  sings on standout track “Conqueror” from his 2013 album, Nothing Can Stop Us.  Much like the album title and its titular track, Campbell is wholeheartedly focused on spreading positive, enduring messages. Campbell doesn’t work alone though, getting a solid assist from London Afro-dub group, Soothsayers.  Put Campbell and Soothsayers together – nothing short of musical magic.  The falsetto, the harmonized backing vocals, the horns/orchestration, the overall production…man oh man! Legit swag.

Ultimately, Nothing Can Stop Us is S-T-A-C-K-E-D with triumphant songs and musical moments. Both “Nothing Can Stop Us” and “Conqueror” are compelling openers absent of flaws.  On third track “I’ll Never Leave”,  the veteran expresses his love and devotion to his country with great sincerity, which is quite respectable.  His devotion changes on “With You My Heart Belongs” and “There’s A Fire”, where he expressions his dedication to his lady.  On the valedictory “We Want To Be Free” – a personal favorite, a proclamation of freedom is made (“We no want no slave master / to rule over we”).  Campbell’s classic “Jah Jah Me No Born Ya” is no slouchy cover track, closing the album as exceptionally as it opened.  

Motivational, meaningful, and incredibly consistent, Nothing Can Stop Us is the real deal. And don’t underestimate the music itself… top-notch arrangements by all means.  For those sleeping on reggae and ready to proclaim the style dead, time to wake up – you’re missing out! Furthermore, this transcends merely being ‘reggae’. That’s musicianship.  I enthusiastically recommend this album!

Favorites: “Nothing Can Stop Us”; “Conqueror”; “With You My Heart Belongs”; “WeWant To Be Free”; “There’s A Fire”


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