Kendrick Lamar: That’s That Rap Trend ‘I Don’t Like’


Who would’ve thought that a Mayer Hawthorne song would be a vehicle for darling rapper Kendrick Lamar to express something he doesn’t like? I suppose if it had to be a song by such an unexpected source, at least it was approriately titled. “Crime”, the source of Lamar’s dislike, appears on Hawthorne’s most recent effort, Where Does This Door Go (Released July 16, 2013 via Republic).  Kendrick’s rap makes a statement that I happen to strongly agree with- at least the last portion of the following lyric: “…Probably hit that Bob Marley, I ain’t with that Molly shit…”  What is the significance of “…I ain’t with that Molly sh*t…”? Kendrick Lamar denounces the whole ‘molly’ phonemonon/trend in rap as being dumb…BS basically. Can you blame him?

Kendrick Lamar Talks Molly: Rapper Addresses Hip-Hop’s …

A History of Rappers Referencing “Molly” In Songs | Complex

trinidad-jamesFirst of all, do/did all the kids that have been rapping along with Trinidad James on his hit “All Gold Everything” even know what a molly is as he spits “popped a molly, I’m sweating woo…” ? Likely not. Popping pills of any sorts is irresponsible, but certainly MDMA (ecstasy) shouldnt’ be glorified. A molly is a purer form of MDMA. It could be argued that Trinidad James wasn’t necessarily bragging of his molly-popping, but rewind back one line in his rhyme on “All Gold Everything” and the connotation certainly comes off that way: “On instragram straight flexin’ / popped a molly…etc.”.  Honestly, I think the reason why this ‘molly’ movement has picked up steam is because rappers thinks it sounds trendy and cool. Get a clue MC’s – it DON’T!

120803-rick-ross_0Personally, I haven’t been a fan of the ‘molly’ thing since I first heard “All Gold Everything”, which I also wasn’t feeling. Sure, the molly has been around prior to this, but the mixtape smash seemed to propel/reinvigorate the references to it in a number of hip-hop songs.  As we know, Rick Ross referenced the infamous molly in Rocko’s popular hit “U.O.E.N.O” (translates to “you don’t even know”)  in shameful fashion.  The offensive line is as follows: “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it…” Ew…Rick, Rick, Rick! Rick Ross attempted (poorly) to say this wasn’t a date rape reference, but how can it not be? He’s put somehing in her drink and took advantage of a her compromised state. SMH. Of course, Reebok probably couldn’t have been too happy how closely their name was to the offensive lyric.

tyga-snapbackThen there’s a Tyga song entitled “Molly” from his 2013 album Hotel California.  Is it catchy? Yes, hella catchy, but it’s also pretty irresponsible.  On the hook, a repetitive loop of Siri repeats the name “Molly” over and over again which isn’t the ‘irresponsible’ part.  It’s the chopped-n-screwed vocals with the line “f**ked around and feel in love with her…” that is bad. Why? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with a girl, but Tyga’s going for the ‘I got addicted to drugs’ sort of message, not a loving romance.  Wiz Khalifa makes things worse on the second verse with all the concotion of drugs, highlighted by his love of ganja (“…fillin’ my lungs with reefer…”) and Molly’s love of mollys (“…She poppin’ it and she snortin’ it…”).  Mally Mall puts a cap on things, in the simplest fashion: “Put it in my drink, put it in my drink / put it in my drink, you already know…”  Already know what? That you’re going to be messed up like a mother? Sheesh.  #Dumb

kanye_2Even Kanye West goes there on “Blood on the Leaves”: “We could’ve been somebody / ‘stead you had to tell somebody / let’s take it back to the first party / when you tried your first molly / and came out of your body…”.  West at least is honest about the effects of the drug, but why is he going so dark and twisted? He wasn’t that twisted on My Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyJay-Z goes there too, but he takes Kendrick Lamar’s approach on “Tom Ford” from Magna Carta Holy Grail: “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford.”  Somewhere in here folks, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar have the right idea, even if both seem to be concerned with other things within their respective references (weed for Kendrick Lamar and designer suits for Jay-Z).

Basically, I think the ‘molly’ trend is just another way to make rap ‘less creative’ in the longrun and more importantly even less responsible.  The references to the mollys haven’t been used in positive nore respectable fashion.  Rick Ross and Tyga specifically should be ashamed of themselves for thinking so ‘small-minded’.  But it’s not just them – it’s any rapper who thinks that finding a way to insert a molly lyric into a song is something awesome when it’s not awesome whatsoever.

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