Single Review: Jay Sean Takes Her To “Mars”


Jay Sean featuring Rick Ross ⎪ “Mars” (Single)⎪ Cash Money ⎪⎪ US Release Date: July 9, 2013

1001043_534677456590669_447710533_n“I’m so high / I’m wasted, I don’t wanna come down / let me take you to Mars, girl / we’ll make love on a star, girl.”  What, that’s cray cray?!? That aforementioned otherworldly lyrics make up the chorus of British R&B/pop singer Jay Sean’s single “Mars” from his upcoming album, NeonNeon is Jay Sean’s fourth album overall, but only his second in the U.S. Neon arrives July 30, 2013 via Cash Money Records. It has been 4 years since Jay Sean released his debut U.S. Effort, All or Nothing. An enjoyable album, All or Nothing was NOT a success stateside, bowing at an unimpressive number 37 on the Billboard Albums Chart.  Despite this, single “Down” was a triumphant success peaking at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.  Follow-up single “Do You Remember” didn’t do too shabby either, peaking at number ten.  Hopefully Jay can use the sex-appeal of “Mars” to heighten his profile and better his commercial prospects.

Jay Sean opens his galactic number in a falsetto that has ‘sex’ written all over it.  Sure, he doesn’t  ‘go for the kill’ initially, he eases into it (“…Breathe it in with me / let it get to your head then get to mine / let it get to your head then get to mine / I wanna watch you take it in…”).  Then you read those lyrics a different way, and is he really being gentlemanlike or truly suggestive like a horn-dog… hmm.  These days, double meanings are in and so are ultra 623772-jay-seansuggestive lyrics.  I urge, read/listen to it again and you’ll see what I’m thinking… LOL.

Anyways, he confirms his intentions on the catchy, if unrealistic refrain, as if lovemaking is easily feasible on ‘Mars’ or a ‘star’.  What is truly realistic is that he’s faded… he must be out of his mind if he’s on a different planet where there are no humans, SMH.  He confirms this on the bridge where he “don’t wanna talk, I don’t wanna think, I’m up here waiting for you, I’m so high, high, high…” He’s to’ up and wants to ‘play’ basically. Jay, Jay, Jay!  My advice bud is to  leave the ganja alone.

120803-rick-ross_0He continues his faded lust on the second verse, where he sings “You taste so pure, you see something working out, baby / My eyes must be clouded, purple haze… with you all night long / You’re my fallen angel and I’m here to take you home…”  Fallen angel? “Purple Haze” a la 2013? ‘What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?’  Rick Ross brings some ‘bossiness’ to the the cut basically paying ode to his honey on the third verse.  “She such a centerfold, you other chicks just run along…” and “All she talk is swag and you know she put it on” are among his most flattering moments.  But he still throws in a reference to money. That’s not surprising, didn’t Rozay have a jayseansong on his 2008 album Trilla called “Money Make Me Come”?  He does refrain from mollies and references to reefer, so I guess he’s in better shape than Jay Sean.

My thoughts on “Mars”.  I know I can be critical sometimes, and I love to make a joke at the expense of so many albums, singles, artists, etc., but I do happen to like “Mars”.  I wouldn’t call it the next great thing per se  (it won’t supersede say “Blurred Lines” or anything like that), but I think it’s quite enjoyable. It not deep, but does it really need to be? The concept’s pretty simple.  I mean, basically Jay Sean just wants to be with his girl. As for doing so while wasted, I’d advise him to sober up and come back to planet earth.

Verdict: ✰✰✰✰

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