New Music: Traedonya, “Another Lie”


Traedonya⎪ “Another Lie” (from High Fructose Corn Syrup) ⎪Prohibition Entertainment ⎪⎪ EP Due: July 20, 2013

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“When I see yo face / I see untruth / I don’t see a man / dedicated to me and you…” Uh-oh… somebody is in the doghouse! But doesn’t music about relationship issues truly captivate? As a songwriter myself, anything dabbling in relationship issues is perfect ‘fuel for the fire’.  Everyone loves and has had a bad love. Arguably, it’s even more effective at the hands of a woman scorned… aka a woman that’s been cheated on.  Ideal narrative for a song, check!

Continuing on, there is nothing better than a ‘funky diva’ – at least from my perspective that is! As a lover of ‘trill’ rhythm and blues music (noticed I spelled it out), I’m always looking to promote and feature those who truly wish to keep the cooling musical style alive.  R&B seems to be on life support, and that is simply not the way that it should be.  Too often, artists seem to eschew the elements that truly characterize soul –  funkiness, soulfulness, and bluesy-ness.  That said,  Traedonya is not ‘eschewing’ anything.  In fact, ‘funky’ is exactly how Traedonya – ‘The Bride of New Funk Hipopera’ portrays herself on her feisty, well written/produced single, “Another Lie”.  Avoiding those ill-thought gimmicks that so often compromise the ‘glory’ of the genre, Traedonya opts for jazzy classicism, with the help of producer Large Professor.  Let me repeat myself – she incorporates JAZZ into R&B… how many people are still carrying the torch like that?!?! Jazz conservatory helps though!

67025_10151375128967572_618961307_n“Another Lie” is quite the alluring lead single from Traedonya’s upcoming EP, High Fructose Corn Syrup which bows July 20 (Prohibition Entertainment).  It uses live instruments, something that has also became sadly a rarity in a genre that once thrived from the live backing band.  Traedonya has an electrifying, powerful voice that capably rides atop an ensemble of keyboard, bass, guitar, and horns.  With those undeniably assertive pipes, she manages to give this ‘female, lover’s scorned anthem’ some true oomph and heartfelt emotion.  A dude I am (I’m not ‘liar’ or cheater, I promise), I can’t knock the passion nor message  Traedonya exhibits as she sings about her lying man:  “Another lie that you’re telling me my baby / Another lie / you’re trying to make-a me think that I’m crazy… Another lie / Well baby let me tell you that my vision ain’t hazy…” Hazy she’s not, Traedonya holds her own and shuts it down, confirmed by the close of the single where the ‘offender’ angrily states “Damn, she hung up in my face!”

Traedonya proves through this four minute snapshot that she has a lot to offer the ‘game’. After hearing “Another Life”, I am excited to see what this up-and-comer has to offer and hopefully, others are excited to.  She’s got my blessing already!

Verdict (Single): ✰✰✰✰

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