Could Cassadee Pope Become The First Success of ‘The Voice’ Franchise?


Being different from American Idol is usually a good thing, right? To some extent.  For rival The Voice, while it has its attributes, it has also failed miserably at one thing – no superstars have emerged.  Sure, watching Adam Levine go at it with 130325124636-the-voice-032513-story-topChristina Aguilera and Blake Shelton is fun to watch, but it has nothing to do with the ‘talent’ they are supposed to be shaping, right? Personality certainly isn’t churning out gold or platinum records.

Something that is frustrating about the voice is arguably an attribute to some – they allow musicians who have ‘tasted’ success to audition and be legitimate contenders.  ‘Legitimate contender’ might be the greatest understatement ever as all three victors of the voice ALREADY had their foot in the door: Javier Colon (solo career and stint with The Derek Trucks Band), Jermaine Paul (Grammy-nominated backup singer for Alicia Keys), and Cassadee Pope (front-woman of Hey Monday).  Sure, none of these musicians were huge fixtures in the industry, but wouldn’t the true ‘nobodies’ find themselves further disadvantaged by someone who already has experienced or is recorded?

Javier and Jermaine Paul both had commanding voices, but have failed to ‘get it done’ for The Voice franchise, something that aging juggernaut American Idol has truly mastered, even as it falters as of late. My question is, where is Jermaine Paul’s album? If single “I Believe In This Life” was any indication of what we had to look forward to, then no thanks.  When an R&B artists goes too pop, it usually tanks and the overproduced electronic-driven pop of “I Believe in This Life” was not popping.

Cassadee Pope just released her official single, “Wasting All These Tears”, via Republic Nashville. A country-pop single,

English: Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday

Pope sounds compelling.  My thoughts are that The Voice is looking for this to be their ‘breakthrough’.  The bigger question is, can she be? She has the package by all means, particularly since she’s been firmly slated somewhere between country and pop. But, what about the promotional campaign? Will The Voice itself be used as the only means of promotion, or will an aggressive campaign actually ensue to give the talented singer a fighting chance?

Like in a previous post about my fears for American Idol’s recent victor Candice Glover,  I feel that these television shows and the label that the winning artist ends up signing with,  lack a serious, thoughtful promotional campaign.  By investing little money and perhaps even less energy,  the ambitious hearts of these young adults desiring to be stars and change their lives is broken.  That is definitely unfair, but the ugly state and oft-reality of the manufactured pop star.

Hopefully, mostly for Pope’s own success, she can buck The Voice’s curse three seasons in and gain some success.  I wouldn’t bank on that (not trying to be overly pessimistic), but I think that The Voice could use that boost because up until this point, it’s nothing more than a somewhat entertaining  TV show that finds itself losing luster, much like American Idol.

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