Review: John Fogerty, ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’


John Fogerty⎪ Wrote A Song For Everyone⎪ Vanguard ⎪⎪US Release Date: May 28, 2013

Featured Artists: Foo Fighters; Keith Urban; Shane Fogerty; Tyler Fogerty; Miranda Lambert; Tom Morello; Zac Brown Band; My Morning Jacket; Kid Rock; Dawes; Bob Seger; Brad Paisley; Alan Jackson; Jennifer Hudson; Allen Toussaint; Rebirth Brass Band

 Executive producer: Julie Fogerty

John Fogerty returns with a star-studded affair on  2013’s Wrote a Song for Everyone, released via VanguardCovering himself,  Fogerty’s ‘re-recordings’ – many in duet form – are enjoyable, while none supersede the originals.  Regardless whether or not Fogerty rekindles the height of an illustrious career, the veteran sounds gritty and deeply invested on each and every track.

On standout “Lodi”, sons Shane and Tyler guest, playing guitar behind their father as he nails every vocal nuance.  On the titlejohn-fogerty-wrote-a-song cut  “Wrote A Song For Everyone”, Miranda Lambert serves as a perfect vocal compliment to Fogerty, while Tom Morello delivers a superb guitar solo.  Zac Brown Band lift “Bad Moon Rising”, but perhaps it’s Clint Black’s harmonica playing that give the classic an extra kick.  Kid Rock and Foo Fighters’s Dave Grohl truly match Fogerty’s intensity on respective tracks (“Fortunate Son” and “Born on the Bayou”) , while Jennifer Hudson’s powerhouse vocals are simply unstoppable on the concluding signature, “Proud Mary,” also featuring Allen Toussaint (piano) and the Rebirth Brass Band.

Wrote A Song For Everyone never really misses, but some cuts raise some objections.  “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” is an extremely popular number by Fogerty, but his duet with Alan Jackson disappoints as far as the ‘electricity.’  Taylor Goldsmith (of Dawes) and Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) both deliver nice vocals, though neither seems the perfect vocal match necessarily to Fogerty’s more overt, rougher vocals.  Numbers like “Train of Fools” and Who’ll Stop the Train” (featuring Bob Seger) are good, but aren’t top echelon against the elite triumphs.

Ultimately, Wrote A Song For Everyone is a sound, enjoyable offering from Fogerty.  It is not revolutionary or particularly innovative, but that is not the expectation.  Fogerty has already more than proven himself as a veteran.  Wrote A Song For Everyone is the affirmation of how many great songs the rock star has composed and performed.

Favorites: “Lodi”; “Mystic Highway”; “Wrote a Song for Everyone”; “Bad Moon Rising”

Track List (and albums tracks original from)

1. Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Willy and the Poor Boys, 1969)

2.  Almost Saturday Night (John Fogerty, John Fogerty, 1975)

3.  Lodi (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Green River, 1969)

4.  Mystic Highway (new)

5.  Wrote a Song for Everyone (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Green River, 1969)

6.  Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Green River, 1969)

7.  Long As I Can See The Light (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Cosmo’s Factory, 1970)

8.  Born on the Bayou  (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Bayou Country, 1969)

9.  Train of Fools (new)

10. Someday Never Comes (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mardi Gras, 1972)

11. Who’ll Stop The Rain (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Cosmo’s Factory, 1970)

12. Hot Rod Heart (John Fogerty, Blue Moon Swamp, 1997)

13. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Pendulum, 1970)

14. Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater  Revival, Bayou Country, 1969)

Verdict: ✰✰✰½

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