End Of May Playlist: Ten Recommendations To Rock Out Into June!

Logic (aka Sir Robert Bryson Hall II)

So, I find myself with several songs on ‘repeat’ on my iPod.  Because of the musical nerd that I am, I often look at the play count to see what I listen to most frequently.  Many of these cuts have been on constant rotation while some are just beginning to ‘tickle my fancy’ and come into fruition – well, something like that.  Here’s ten recommendations.  By the way, I don’t believe any of the songs here grace a previous post where I rated Ten new singles.  So add those new singles to this list, and you have a huge list of music to indulge in.  Happy listening!  These are in no particular order btw.

1. Daft Punk featuring Pharrell, “Get Lucky” [Electronic/Dance/Pop]

AlbumRandom Access Memories (Columbia)

“We’re up all night to get lucky…” (Pharrell Williams, chorus)

No, this is not a ‘bandwagon’ choice.  Face it, Daft Punks whole LP Random Access Memories deserves to grace this list, particular the succession of songs “Lose Yourself to Dance (also featuring Pharrell Williams), “Touch“, and “Get Lucky”.  “Get Lucky” recently broke into the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 and there is a reason – it’s that soulful, catchy, and addictive.  There is nothing like a soulful, danceable groove .  And honestly, who doesn’t want to ‘get lucky’? Um yeah… we’ll save that for a different blog, etc…


2. Vampire Weekend, “Obvious Bicycle” [Alternative]

AlbumModern Vampires of the City (XL)

“So listen, oh / Don’t wait…” (Chorus)

Vampire Weekend’s third studio album is filled to the brim with hits – and no I’m not talking about ‘commercial’ hits to captivate radio. I’m referring to consistent, creative, and eclectic records.  Among my favorites is one perhaps receiving less note, “Obvious Bicycle”, which opens the album beautifully.  Face it, has Ezra Koenig ever sounded better? F**k an “Oxford Comma” (another favorite VW cut)!


3. The-Dream featuring Gary Clark, Jr.Too Early” [R&B]

AlbumIV Play (Def Jam)

“Cause it’s too early in the morning / to break love and then make out…” (Chorus)

The-Dream’s latest album IV Play suffers from being a bit oversexed (and misogynistic, overly freaky, etc.), but “Too Early” was one of the upstanding gems.  Sure, the auto tune and vocal processing is a bit much, but the cut itself is among his most distinct of his five-album output.  Lush in a bluesy six, nice contributions from GC Jr., and some hip-hop swag added with chopped-n-skrewed vocals, “Too Early” works better than much of the multitude of The-Dream’s latest.


4. The Flaming Lips featuring Phantogram, “You Lust” [Alternative]

AlbumThe Terror (Warner Bros.)

“You got a lot of nerve to f**k with me…” (Verse 1, Wayne Coyne drops the bomb)

Only The Flaming Lips could release a bizarre NSFW video clip like the one gracing “You Lust”.  The cut is an eccentric masterpiece. Sure, maybe you have to be a bit tripped out to fall into its glory – or just an eclectic, weird music loving freak like myself… LUST TO SUCCEED!


5. Fitz & The Tantrums, “6am” [Pop/R&B]

AlbumMore Than Just a Dream (Elektra)

“It’s 6 in the morning, I’m still awake / my sleepless heart is torn up babe / our love song’s on the radio / but these words I hear they’re not for me…”

A blend of soul, pop, and synthesized sounds, Fitz & The Tantrum’s “6am” is one of the best cuts off 2013 LP More Than Just A Dream.  I am currently listening to the album to provide  review, but until that said review happens (should be soon), take my word on this cut. The harmonic scheme screams soul while the synthesized sounds puts a foot in the door for the present/contemporary.  Fitz and co-vocalist Noelle deliver capably.


6. Eve, “She Bad Bad” [Rap]

AlbumLip Lock (From The Rib Music)

“Oh she bad bad…”

Eve’s latest LP Lip Lock (released May 14 via From the Rib Music) left more to be desired as far as her badness, but “She Bad Bad” was one of the preeminent cuts.  Well produced and characterized by a tropical treatment of lyric “Oh she bad bad”, Eve has some of her old swag working for her.  Sure, she could’ve even stepped it up a notch, but “She Bad Bad” is definitely worthy of a few spins.


7. Demi Lovato, “Heart Attack” [Pop]

AlbumDemi (Hollywood)

“I’m putting my defenses up / cause I don’t wanna fall in love / if I ever did that / I think I’d have a heart attack…” (Chorus)

Demi Lovato’s latest album, Demi had its moments.  Lovato has matured, but still showed she has some vocal control issues and could stand for cuts as ‘good’ as “Heart Attack” is.  Sure, “Made in the USA” was another ‘spinner’ from Demi, but “Heart Attack” was a brilliant choice for a first single and definitely gets caught in your head – yep that catchy.  You can’t knock D’s upper register either…


8. Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland Missy Elliott, “Without Me” [R&B]

AlbumSide Effects of You (RCA)

“What would you be, without me?” (Chorus)

Yeah, yeah, yeah! It came out in April, but I don’t care! I was banging it in April and I kept right on May! “But what would you be without me?” The better question is ‘what would I be, without this hot Fantasia joint?’ from Side Effects of You.


9. Logic, “Walk On By” [Rap]

AlbumYoung Sinatra: Welcome To Forever 

“If you can’t see the s**t I see, you better get your vision up!”

So…  yeah, the whole mixtape is sick. Any number of cuts could grace my May playlist – and I’m not even the biggest mixtape listener!  But this Maryland MC has a flow on him and “Walk on By” shows him killin’ it, period. Sure he cusses like a sailor, but the knock out punch lines he delivers are “…ill, not sick” as Lil Wayne would say.

10. Mariah Carey featuring Miguel, “#Beautiful” [R&B/Pop]

“…You’re beautiful, Good Lord  [awkward space where naughty word was originally] beautiful…” (Miguel on the chorus)

Sure, Mariah Carey’s performance of “#Beautiful” left more to be desire at the American Idol finale (was she lip syncing?) … but no one watched anyways!  Initially, I wasn’t completely sold on the single, but it has grown on me… How much? Well I’ve played it 21 times according to my iPod, not to mention additional plays/video views outside of it.  I could’ve done without the censorship or Miguel could’ve just eliminated his profanities knowing they were going to be censored, but it tickles my fancy.


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