It’s Safe to Say 30 Seconds To Mars Don’t Impress Critics

Thirty Seconds To Mars, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS © Virgin

Thirty Seconds To Mars • Love Lust Faith + Dreams • Virgin • US Release Date: May 21, 2013


Those lovable alt-rockers Thirty Seconds to Mars returned Tuesday, May 21 with their fourth studio album, Love Lust Faith + DreamsJared Leto and his bandmates have a following, that’s for sure. That following does not include the critics, much to the band’s chagrin.  Studying over Metacritic‘s aggregation of the band’s album reviews,  the results are none too pretty.  Of the three album reviews in Metacritic’s database (2002’s 30 Seconds to Mars, 2009’s This is War, and 2013’s Love Lust Faith + Dreams), the respective aggregated scores stand at 49, 55, and a 62.  The 62 is the current standing for Love Lust Faith + Dreams, which is an improvement over previous efforts – that’s some good news for Leto.  But honestly, any of those three scores are unimpressive.

Let’s break it down a bit and assign a star rating to those numbers. I prefer ‘star systems’ as a reviewer, but everyone, including several other sites I ‘lend my pen’ for use differing ratings systems or none at all.  But if you want to get technical (or simple depending on how your brain perceives it), on a 5-star review system with each ½-stars receiving 10 points (i.e. 5-stars = 100, 4 ½ = 90, 4 = 80, etc.), the 49 rating  is ~ 2 ½ stars, the 55 is ~ between 2 ½ stars and 3 stars, and the 62 is firmly a 3-star rating.  Only then, is the 3-star review respectable.

30 Seconds to Mars (Metacritic) 

That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I recently penned a review for Love Lust Faith + Dreams and in ‘star’ terms assigned it a 3-star rating.  Ultimately, Thirty Seconds To Mars have some great ideas (and songs), but they tend to ‘reveal the deck of cards’ to quickly and those ideas run their gamut.  In college basketball (and it can be applied to other sports, but I’ll go with my favorite), you often hear about concern that a team has ‘peaked too soon.’ On the conceptual Love Lust Faith + Dreams, this happens to the band.

My review can be found here.

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  1. Kaveh says:

    Still 30 seconds to mars is the most great band with his amazing music to me And us , his debut album had really heavy musics and its all about the war to making throught of possiblitties and the these musics really going to lose myself but this is got oldschool . And going to second album beautiful lie . This album is the most amazing album from along time ago and its really ruin my life ! His musics are really fantastic and Fucking beautiful ! Some of his music are soft and the others are Hard Rock ! to made losing myself again lol XD dummy we had good times !
    And the third album, this is war …. This album is the most hopeful album i ever see , when i remember this suddenly the hopes comes…. And actually its better than first album… Some of the lyric make a believe for ourselves , kings and queens and closer the edge , they are awesome i love them. Alibi is the powerful song of this band just going to touch ! This album is really supporting us and never let us to be alone ! So we missed this lovely songs. And finally.the last album Love lust faith and dreams. This album have many changes in his music and not like the previous album . These musics are really exiting and calm i really have a good times, actually its a pacefull album. And with exiting tour the band made for the people and community , just for our happiness. Thats why this band will be sucessesful to make his own community from the worldwide… I really could telling More things about this band but its better get enough. I send big thanks to them for giving much hope in our life time they are still funny and make us laugh ! XD

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