New Music and Review: Indidginus, ‘Ruff Tuff EP’


Indidginus⎟ Ruff Tuff – EP⎟ High Chai Recordings⎟ Release Date: April 15, 2013

All music lovers have genres of music in which we possess a particular affinity for.  Being a


‘multidimensional’ music lover,  my personal affinity encompasses many sub-styles and sub-genres of music. Like everyone else, I began to really dig the who electronic/EDM movement that has grown exponentially in recent times, including artists such as Skrillex and  deadmau5.  But along with the movement, there are a number of DJs and musicians who are keeping and propelling the dance/DJ movement forward.

Indidginus is one of many such artists to keep your eyes on.  Via his site (, Indidginus describes his style as: “Bass. {Riddims}. [Ting]. Sounds like Chase and Status, Diplo, and Rusko making freak in di sheet.” Wow – I am already digging this!  Indidginus, who’s been a “purveyor of quality rhythms since 1996, specializes in dubstep, dub, dancehall and global bass music,” according to his biography. An interesting aspect of his electrifying live performances? He uses a slide didgeridoo! Who does that? If that is not enough to highlight his creativity and musicality, then just explore his music.

Indidginus has just released a new EP entitled Ruff and Tuff EP, which he describes as “deep bass, top rankin riddims, and ragga vibes.”  Three consistent tracks and a standout bonus cut on some editions, Ruff and Tuff is a welcome addition to any electronic music lover’s collection.  Indidginus’ welcomingly embraceable artistry (a mouthful right) translates into his music, making for an exhilarating experience, all in the matter of just 15 minutes! The beats are ‘hard’ and the synths driven.

On “Follow We” the jubilant repetition of the titular lyric matches the numerous musical ideas, sounding like the best adrenaline rush ever (is that possible? LOL).  On “Wikkid and Wild”, the creativity and electronic ideas continue to flow, with rhythm at the center of everything.  The groove begins even before those electro drums enter in to anchor things down.  The final cut of some editions, “Gun Down” has some devastatingly edgy synths, perfectly blending with the ‘riddim’. Typical of electronic music (and sometimes hip-hop), the tempo decelerates at the very end, a sound musical effect. For those lucky enough to pick up a fourth cut, “3D” blends reggae influence with dubstep.  Sporting a killer groove like the multitude, this instrumental cut is superb.  Save for the bonus cut, vocals appear in some form.  Though often drenched in the production, the effect and role of the vocals are easily felt and appreciated within the music.

Ultimately, Ruff and Tuff EP is a solid showing from a talented musician.  Many may be unfamiliar, particularly in the U.S., but they should begin the familiarization process now.  Electronic music is in, and Indidginus is definitely in step with the beat!

Verdict: ✰✰✰✰

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