The Courtney John Project Release Official Video for “Black Cinderella”

The Courtney John Project's debut album, Future.
The Courtney John Project’s debut album, Future.

The Courtney John Project continue to introduce themselves in premiere fashion in U.S.  And folks don’t sleep on them – this group is doing ‘big things’ musically!  By the way, several sites and magazines have been doing features on this group, including arguably the biggest with Billboard article How Reggae Meets EDM in Jamaica’s ‘Rootstronic’ Courtney John Project .  After having the pleasure of listening and

The Courtney John Project
The Courtney John Project

reviewing their exceptional debut Future (released April 30th via FiWi Music Jamaica), it is equally a pleasure to follow a potentially budding musical career.  The next journey in The Courtney John Projects career? The official “Black Cinderella” video!

How did I personally view and feel about this track? Well the opener was easily one of the strongest cuts from album Future in my humble, musical opinion.  Rewinding back:

Black Cinderella” kicks things off exceptionally.  The typical reggae cues are in place, but they work in tandem with a rich palette of sounds and effects.  Courtney John’s lead vocals are über expressive, attuned to the style and the energy. The Wizard’s touch permeates throughout the production, with elements of dub-step and electronic music fusing with the Island sounds.  And where would this crowning achievement be without Lenky’s piano? That’s rhetorical.

the-wizard-the-courtney-john-projectAnd I concur with myself.  To provide some background, “Black Cinderella” was my introductory experience to The Courtney John Project, so it has a special place in my eclectic, musical heart.  Poetic much?  Anyways, enough of me blabbing, why don’t you watch for yourself and let the visual and audio experience encapsulate you!

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