Chart Moves, May 1, 2013: Michael Bublé, Fantasia

Michael Bublé just bagged up his fourth no. 1 album.

Chart Rewind

Kid Cudi

Last week on the charts, Fall Out Boy and Kid Cudi saw their new efforts debut at no. 1 and no. 2 respectively.  Fall Out Boy scored a second no. 1 album with Save Rock and Roll with 154,000 copies sold while Kid Cudi’s Indicud scored a career high peak, selling 136,000 copies.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs saw their album Mosquito bow at no. 5 with 38,000 copies. (Chart Moves, 4.24.13: Fall Out Boy, Kid Cudi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Michael Bublé).

BTW: Also, in case you were wondering, The Flaming Lips‘s latest, The Terror debuted outside of the top ten at no. 21.  This was their first ‘proper studio album’ to debut out of the top ten (excluding the Record Store Day release The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends and cover album Dark Side of the Moon). At War With Mystics (2006) and Embryonic (2009) debuted at nos. 11 and 8 respectively, with 48,000 copies sold.  I penned a review of The Terror, which can be read here.

This Week’s Chart Storylines…

Michael Bublé Loves at no. 1

Michael Bublé: Australia Loves You
Michael Bublé: Australia Loves You (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

Michael Bublé gets it done at no. 1 with To Be Loved… pretty easily actually.  The effort debuts with a better than expected 195,000 copies.  This is Bublé’s fourth no. 1 album, following 2011’s Christmas, 2009’s Crazy Love, and 2007’s Call Me Irresponsible.  The numbers are smaller for To Be Loved than Crazy Love, but they’re not that far off; Bublé definitely has had some staying power over the years.  He proves that the market for traditional pop and easy listening music is still a viable one.   My review of To Be Loved can be read here.

Fantasia Once More A Bridesmaid at no. 2

Fantasia can’t seem to ascend to the no. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.  However, she does manage to find consistency with Side Effects of You debuting a no. 2 with 91,000 copies sold.  With that number, there is an up- and a downside.  The upside is that Fantasia sold more than I/probably others expected her to, particularly with single “Lose To Win” not being a breakthrough pop hit.  The downside? 91,000 is the singers lowest totals; previous albums sold 240,000, 133,000, and 117,000 copies within their first week.  ‘Tasia settles for five-figures instead of six.  My review of Side Effects of You can be read here.

Other Debuts

Albums by Snoop Lion (Reincarnated) and X-Factor winner Tate Stevens (Tate Stevens) unsurprisingly fail to crack the top ten… let’s just

English: Phoenix at the Eurockéennes of 2007

get that out the way! But there were some other debuts to go alongside holdovers  (Justin TimberlakeFall Out BoyKid Cudi, etc.).  Phoenix debut as bright as album Bankrupt! sounds at no. 4 with 50,000 copies sold according Billboard.  This is much better than a no. 37 peak that greeted 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, don’t you think? The Parisian band’s moving on up towards the penthouse!

Also, snuck in there – the top ten that is – with a no. 9 debut for #willpower, good for his first top ten (as a solo artist) and 29,000 copies.  Sure, the numbers are as unimpressive as the album itself but it’s the little victories, right?

Capsule reviews for and Snoop Lion can be found here. Didn’t review Tate Stevens – sorry…

Who’s Got Next?

Jessica Sanchez
Jessica Sanchez (Photo credit: pptfan)

It is a slow week in the music world.  Among the new releases are Kenny Chesney‘s Life On A RockAmerican Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez‘s overdue Me, You & The Music, LL Cool J‘s Authentic, and Iggy & The Stooges‘s Ready to Die.  I’d like to give a shout-out to ‘rootstronic’ (mix of reggae, European electronica, etc.) release The Courtney John Project‘s Future (review here), released via Fiwi Music (Jamaica).  Other releases include Rittz‘s Life & Times of Jonny ValiantHanni El Khatib‘s Head In The Dirt and HIM‘s Tears on Tape (CD/DVD) (Limited Deluxe Edition).  The best bet clearly has to be the country heartthrob, Kenny Chesney, who has a track record of high debuts on the albums chart.  Otherwise, these other titles are probably looking at an uphill battle.  Jessica Sanchez’s promotion seems soft and her album is delayed from the usual Fall of the year Idol took place (Phillips Phillips stay true to the winner’s date). LL Cool J also doesn’t benefit from the best promotion on this indie release, which I’ve began to listen to but haven’t quite finished to pen my opinions.

You can also have a listen to The Courtney John Project (Future) below:


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