Viral Smash: Jimmy McMillan’s R.T.D.H.

Jimmy McMillan: "Rent is too damn high!"
McMillan: “Rent is too damn high!”

Ah, there is nothing like a viral video to draw attention, particularly when politics are

English: Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn ...

involved!  Jimmy McMillan knows this all too well.  McMillan, who is running for mayor of NYC, brings his politics to the world via the ultimate catchy/simplistic “Rent Is Too Damn High“.  Is it an oversimplified message? Is McMillan truly serious or just seeking attention? Are seriousness and attention ‘one in the same’?  Those are all relevant questions but examine it further and a bit more analytically.  We live in the social media age where Facebook, Twitter and Youtube rule.  Younger people particularly have much of their social lives invested in these types of media.  That being said, McMillan may not be that crazy.  Add to that he approaches “Rent Is Too Damn High” (the party ticket)  as a rap song, one of the defining genres of the new generation, and McMillan may really have more than you can see from the eye.  Face it, regardless of whether you are in NYC or anywhere, don’t we all think the bills are too expensive.  Rent is too damn high everywhere, right?

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