Album Capsules: Snoop Lion, and Brad Paisley

Snoop Dogg is now ‘Snoop Lion’ on his latest, reggae effort Reincarnated.

Snoop Lion, Reincarnated

Snoop Lion ⎪ Reincarnated ⎪ RCA⎪ US Release Date: April 23, 2013

Snoop Dogg in 2012Snoop Lion released his first (and to many hopefully only) reggae album Reincarnated via RCA on Tuesday, April 23, 2013.  Having personally listened analytically, the good news is that it is a better than expected album from the weed-loving gangsta.  The bad news is that it IS a reggae album and not another one of Snoop Dogg‘s west coast gangsta ‘masterpieces’.  “No Guns Allowed” featuring Cori B (Snoop’s daughter) and Drake is one of the album’s brighter moments.  One of the efforts lowest moments is a collaboration with Miley Cyrus entitled “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks“.  The collaboration should raise an eyebrow in itself.

Verdict: ✰✰✰

#willpower is NOT one of’s better moments., #willpower ⎪ #willpower ⎪ Interscope⎪ US Release Date: April 23, 2013 has had great success in pop and urban music… as a producer, songwriter, and will+i+am+JokIARa2fnvmcollaborator (Black Eyed Peas or various solo artists such as Usher).  When he’s running the show himself though, things haven’t trended his way.  2007’s Song About Girls was an interesting album that actually had some more redeeming qualities than the dumb “I Got It From My Mama” including a rousing opener in “It’s Over“.  #willpower though takes a lot of ‘willpower’ and patience just to get throw its trying 80 minutes of utter ridiculousness. “Scream and Shout” featuring Britney Spears is the crowning achievement while the clumsy Juicy J featuring “Freshy” is one of several missteps.

Verdict: ✰✰

Wheelhouse isn’t really controversial aside from “Accidental Racist”.

Brad Paisley, Wheelhouse

Brad Paisley ⎪ Wheelhouse ⎪Arista Nashville ⎪ US Release Date: April 9, 2013

63233157I didn’t spend a great deal of time with Wheelhouse (save for controversial number “Accidental Racist“), but from a truly casual listen, it sounded very much like a standard Brad Paisley album.  Unlike previous efforts (such as 5th Gear, which may be my previous favorite) , nothing particularly made me want to ‘jump out of my seat’, but I also didn’t hear any deal breakers.  Again, one of few albums I listened in passing without taking in depth notes, so maybe a second listen reveals more.

Verdict: ✰✰✰

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