Chart Moves, 4.24.13: Fall Out Boy, Kid Cudi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Michael Bublé

Fall Out Boy had a pretty good week, debuting at no. 1 and all…

Chart Rewind

Jake Bugg
Jake Bugg

Last week (April 17), Paramore crowned the Billboard Albums chart with 106,000 copies sold of Paramore.  Settling for the runner-up spot was Brad Paisley, who sold 100,000 copies of Wheelhouse.  Outside of the top ten, there was some action I’d like to highlight. On last Thursday (April 18) when the full chart materialized, some newbies saw their efforts bow.  Jake Miller, whom I wrote a post about saw his The Road Less Traveled EP bow at no. 55 (New Music: Jake Miller, The Road Less Traveled).  British alt teen Jake Bugg arrived in the U.S., hitting the charts at no. 75 with his self-titled debut Jake Bugg. Bugg’s album was released in his native Britain back on October 15, 2012, when he was just 18.  A ‘New Music’ post on Bugg is set to be published tomorrow.

This Week’s Chart Storylines…

Fall Out Boy Earns Second Career No. 1

Fall Out Boy had a fight on their hands, supposedly as they were duking it out with hip-hop left-fielder Kid Cudi.  When it

Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy

was all said and done, Fall Out Boy’s goal to Save Rock and Roll was just too much for Indicuds umm… Cudiness.  Save Rock and Roll debuted at the penthouse with 154,000 copies (Fall Out Boy Debuts at No. 1, Tops Kid Cudi on Billboard 200 Albums Chart).  Here’s what’s significant about that number – it’s only 4,000 copies more than 2008’s Folie á Deux sold during a crowded holiday week to bow at no. 8.  While the inflation and competitiveness of the holiday week must be kept in mind, Save Rock and Roll selling just 154,000 shows how much smaller music sales weeks are these days.  Being there second career no. 1, one has to go back to 2007’s Infinity on High to compare the numbers.  Infinity sold 106,000 more copies its first week – yikes.  Only time will tell if Save Rock and

Paramore's stock dropping?
Paramore’s stock dropping?

Roll can ultimately get the job done.  154,000 copies is not looking all that promising when you look at it from that perspective, right? BTW, I penned a review for the Chicago band’s comeback album which you can read here.

Oh and by the way, you know how I mentioned Paramore had a good week last week? If they were also trying to ‘save rock and roll’, their progress has been derailed by a giant descent from the penthouse to… well no. 12.  But think about it in this regards… if an album debuts at no. 1 with 106,000 copies, usually a 60% drop (often more) is common.  A 60% dip from 106,000 is ~42,000 copies, which in this day and age, would’ve kept the album in the top ten.  Unfortunately for Hayley Williams and company, states the album sold a tepid 27,000 copies… Ewwww. I smell commercial troubles brewing. It was good to be on top for one week…

Kid Cudi Settles for No. 2

As some like to say, “he tried it!” Kid Cudi tried to endear enough odd-balls like himself to win the national championship – well win the battle with

Indicud slightly underperformed expectations, but still pulled out a solid debut at no. 2.

some punks from Chicago for the top spot on the charts.  He was in it for a while, but when it was said and done, he fell 18,000 copies short… Wasn’t really that close was it? 136,000 copies isn’t bad for a rap album in 2013.  A$AP Rocky was able to pull in 136,000.  Lil Wayne did 217,000. Tyga only 54,000. Cudi’s right in there basically.  How does it compare to previous releases? 2009’s Man on the Moon debuted at no. 4 with 104,000 copies while 2010’s Man on the Moon II debuted at no. 3 with 169,000.  The difference? 33,000 copies.  It’s a bit disappointing given Cudi was projected closer to FOB’s numbers, but with albums NOT selling, who can complain about a no. 2 debut? He outsold Bon Jovi – hard to believe right?  As always, if you haven’t purchased/listened to Indicud and would like an opinion, here’s my review here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Get Some Top 10 Action

Yeah Yeah Yeahs find themselves in the top 10. The numbers aren’t impressive, but it’s the little victories.

Most things were predictable this week.  Fall Out Boy and Kid Cudi celebrate relative successes while others continue to hope they’ll breakthrough.  While Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Mosquito might not exactly be touted as a ‘breakthrough’, a no. 5 debut is celebration worthy.  38,000 copies doesn’t do to much, especially considering the formula of an album losing more than half of its sales after the first week traditionally, but no need to rain on the parade for Karen O. and company, right?

Who’s Got Next?

Tuesday, April 23 was a big day for new releases.  Michael Bublé released To Be Loved (review is coming),

Michael Bublé, in his zone...
Michael Bublé, in his zone…

Phoenix released their anticipated follow up to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix entitled Bankrupt! (review here),  Fantasia returns on a mission on Side Effects of You (Review: Fantasia, Side Effects of You), just wants to ‘get stupid’ on #willpower, while Snoop Lion enjoys his trees on Reincarnated.  The best sure bet seems to be Michael Bublé, who has had some success with no. 1 albums (’11s Christmas’09s Crazy Love, and 07’s Call Me Irresponsible). The rest are all question marks. While Phoenix gained a higher profile with 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, sales will be hard to predict.  Fantasia’s previous album, 2010’s Back To Me debuted well at no. 2 with 117,000 copies. That said, it’s been three years since that effort and “Lose To Win” isn’t an airplay staple. has done the solo thing before and it really didn’t go anywhere.  And as for Snoop Lion… I wouldn’t bet on him.

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