Chart Moves: Paramore, Brad Paisley


Paramore & Paisley Rule The Charts

Paramore seem to be adapting to the post-Farro brothers life (Paramore Split Gets Nasty: Josh Farro Calls Former Band – better than expected as according to the band’s latest effort, Paramore dethrones Justin Timberlake for no. 1 (Paramore Earns First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart). Paramore, now consisting of Hayley Williams (vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass), and Taylor York (guitar) didn’t sell the 175,000 copies 2009’s Brand New Eyes brought in, but 106,000 copies is pretty respectable given today’s commercial climate and some internal personnel changes.  I haven’t posted a review of Paramore yet either here or on, but I have finished listening and it is impressive.  That said a 106,000 copies start doesn’t leave much room for commercial excitement.

Brad Paisley nearly pulled the upset after setting the internet skeptics afire with his controversial LL Cool J duet “Accidental Racist”, which I detailed in an earlier post (Opinion: Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist” Misses Its Mark, Sends Its Message Sorta).  Wheelhouse finds itself in the runner-up spot, bowing at no. 2 (all familiar to Paisley) with 100,000 copies. How does that compare to Paisley’s previous releases? 2011’s This Is Country Music bowed at no. 2 with 153,000; 2009’s American Saturday Night bowed at no. 2 with 129,000 copies; 2007’s 5th Gear bowed at no. 3 with 197,000 copies… As you can see, the 100,ooo copies number is looking slimmer than previous efforts.  To draw from the ‘controversy’ would be a generalization and possibly fallacious, but one does wonder why less sales.

Other notable debuts arrive via Eric Church and Tyga. Eric Church’s live album (Caught in the Act) bows at no. 5 with 61,000 – folks, those are solid numbers for a ‘live’ album. Tyga’s Hotel California (Quick Take: Tyga, Hotel California (Cash Money)) debuts at no. 7 with 54,000 copies.  Those aren’t great numbers for a hip-hop album, but actually, better numbers than I might have expected for the “Rack City” MC.

Next Week’s Best Bets

Fall Out Boy

Next week, the chart will features releases from Fall Out Boy (Save Rock and Roll), Kid Cudi (Indicud), The Flaming Lips (The Terror),  Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Mosquito), Olly Murs (Right Place Right Time).  Of those, Fall Out Boy (Review: Fall Out Boy, Save Rock and Roll) and Kid Cudi (Review: Kid Cudi, Indicud) should be the best bets from my educated guess.  Fall Out Boy’s previous album Folie á Deux (2008) bowed at no. 8 with 150,000 copies; 2007’s Infinity On High was a bigger splash, bowing at no. 1 with 260,000 copies and being certified platinum.  Kid Cudi’s previous album, 2010’s Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager bowed at no. 3 with 169,000 copies.

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