New Music: Jake Miller, The Road Less Traveled

Jake Miller ⎪The Road Less Traveled EP ⎪ eOne⎪ US Release Date: April 09, 2013

Jake Miller

Jake Miller is an up-and-coming hip-hop/pop artist from Weston, Florida who plays multiple instruments – impressive right? Miller is signed to independent music powerhouse, eOne.  The 20 year old’s latest effort,  The Road Less Traveled EP is available digitally (iTunes – Music – The Road Less Traveled – EP by Jake MillerThe Road Less Traveled), released April 9, 2013.  EP’s rarely impress me, but The Road Less Traveled was quite enjoyable and made me as a listener want to listen repeatedly.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for pop-rap and crossover appeal, but I found myself nodding my head and feeling Miller’s music.

Here’s a little rundown of the effort’s six tracks:

Let You Go

Jake Miller

This opener screams ‘hit’.  Much like growing single “Crickets” by Drop City Yacht Club, this cut embraces a catchy pop sensible hook (“I won’t ever let you go / you ain’t gotta worry about a thing every single day / I’mma let you know you / ooh baby can’t you see you’re the one for me”), solid but not overdone production work with crossover in mind, and a nice flow from Miller.  Maybe it’s a bit schmaltzy, but it is appealing schmaltz and easygoing.

Glow” featuring Gene Noble

“Glow” may not ‘pop’ as much, but Gene Noble gives Miller a nice lift on another sensational pop hook.  The production continues in a pop/urban crossover flare while Miller’s agile rhymes sound as breezy as a Florida beach.  Excellent drum programming, bright synths, everything is crisp and clean here.

A Million Lives

A standout for sure, “A Million Lives” is laden with substance, something so much of today’s music seems to throw aside in favor of references to sex and drugs.  Instead of going ‘small’, Miller goes ‘big’ with the topic of cancer.  He sums up this meaningful number on a clever hook that is also pretty easygoing, despite it’s ‘big’ message: “I’ve met a million people, been a million places / shook a million hands / seen a million faces… No haven’t made a million but I’ve touched a million lives”.

Goodbye” featuring Britney Holmes

Miller continues to impress, rapping over animated hip-hop drum programming and getting a lift from a nuanced Britney Holmes (“Goodbye to the memories / goodbye to the dream…”)


Miller goes thoughtful once more, taking on the topic of bullying and pondering suicide because of it.  Hookless, this is a juggernaut that the MC absolutely slaughters (in a good way).

See Ya Soon

Personality helps?

Miller goes soft on the closing cut, telling his lover “Baby I can’t wait to come home to you…” He balances the singing and rapping  superbly here, much like the electrifying opener.

It is hard for new musicians to breakthrough. Being a musician myself, if you don’t have the proper ability to ‘put yourself out there’ and hardcore sell yourself, you probably won’t be noticed. Sometimes if you do, it is still difficult to attain the necessary footing.  I hope Jake Miller continues to make a name for himself.  Regardless, the EP was a great listen, particularly with the absence of too many dirty words ;-).

Check out Miller’s facebook page here: Jake MillerMusician/Band150,899 like this · 12,442 talking about this as well as his site

Verdict: ✰✰✰✰

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