Chart Moves: Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Blake Shelton, OneRepublic

The 20/20 Experience remains firmly planted atop the Billboard Albums chart despite big competition.

Timberlake’s ‘Experience’ Keeps On Shinin’

JT & Jay-Z on their “Suit & Tie” shhhh…

As expected, Justin Timberlake keeps no. 1 locked down, despite releases from the likes of  Lil Wayne (I Am Not A Human Being II), Blake Shelton (Based On A True Story), Alan Jackson (Precious Memories: Volume II), OneRepublic (Native), and Depeche Mode (Delta Machine).  Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience  sold a whopping 968,000 copies last week (Justin Timberlake Starts Atop Billboard 200, Earns Third-Largest Digital Week Ever) so even given a drop in sales, he was unlikely to cede the penthouse to anyone else. In its second week, the effort sold  318,000 copies (~ -67%).  The grand total of Timberlake’s sales in only two weeks? 1,286,000 copies (nearly 1.29 million)!

Lil Wayne & Blake Shelton Make Sound Splashes

Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II opened larger than the first installment but much smaller than 2011’s Tha Carter IV.

Lil Wayne debuts at no.2 with I Am Not A Human Being II selling 217,000 copies during its debut week.  While 2011’s Tha Carter IV was Wayne’s last album, I Am Not A Human Being II is technically the follow-up to Lil Tunechi’s first installment of the same title, I Am Not A Human Being.  If that is the thought process, I Am Not A Human Being II doesn’t technically exhibit a fall-off in numbers as it outsells the first installment (+50%). For a refresher, I Am Not A Human Being sold 110,000 copies as a digital only album it’s first week (Kenny Chesney Claims Sixth No. 1 Album with ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey’). It would top the chart later, however, rising from no. 16 to no. 1 with 125,000 copies sold when the physical release arrived (Lil Wayne’s ‘Human Being’ Leaps 16-1 on Billboard 200).   Its numbers can’t touch the starts for his last two Tha Carter projects (1 million and 964,000 copies respectively), but no much else can/could.

Blake Shelton debuts at no.   with Based On A True Story, selling 199,000 copies in its debut

Blake Shelton’s popularity is at its loftiest after working his way up towards country success.

week.  Shelton’s former album Red River Blue launched him into new territory, bowing at no. 1 on the Billboard Albums chart with 116,000 copies sold (Blake Shelton’s ‘River’ Runs to No. 1 on Billboard 200).  Based On A True Story elevates his presence in an even larger way given the strong increase in albums sold.  Examining the big-personality, Oklahoma-bred singer’s career, Shelton’s breakthrough was truly a ‘long time coming’.

Other New Chart Entries

WINNING: OneRepublic finally achieve their first top 10 album with Native,  which debuts at no. 4 with 60,000 copies sold.  Native is the band third overall album and first in four years since ’09s Waking Up (led by singles “All The Right Moves“, “Good Life“, and “Secrets“).  The pop/rock band’s first two albums (Dreaming Out Loud and Waking Up) debuted at nos. 14 and 21 respectively.  According to article (Justin Timberlake’s ’20/20′ Spends Second…), Native is the band’s second-best debuting effort, slated between the 75,000 copies sold of their debut and the more pedestrian 39,000 copies sold of Waking Up.

 Alan Jackson debuts at no. 5 with his second installment of Precious Memories (Volume IIwith 55,000 copies. That is about half of what the first installment sold, but that was seven years ago in 2006.  Jackson’s popularity has waned since then, as it does with many veteran artists regardless of the quality of material or talent.

Depeche Mode debuts at no. 6 with Delta Machine, the follow-up album to 2009’s Grammy-nominated Sounds of the Universe. Sounds of The Universe also debuted in the top 10, at no. 3 with 80,000 copies sold (Rick Ross Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard 200 For Third Time). Delta Machine’s sales are less triumphant, pulling in 52,000 copies.

Dido misses the top ten.

LOSERS: The Strokes also get another top 10 album under their belt with Comedown Machines bow at no. 10 with 41,000.  Those are modest numbers for a band that previously had better numbers/popularity.  From a promotional standpoint, Comedown Machine definitely felt casually promoted with an undercooked campaign.  With that taken into account, the numbers seem to line up.  The Strokes aren’t the week’s biggest loser though… Dido‘s Girl Who Got Away fails to crack the top 10.

The Band Perry

Who’s Got Next?

Debuts from The Band Perry (Pioneer), Tyler, The Creator (Wolf), New Kids on

Could Wolf end up being a hit?

the Block (10) and Charles Bradley (Victim of Love) arrived Tuesday, April 2. Of those efforts, The Band Perry and Tyler, The Creator seem the likeliest hits.  New Kids On The Block’s 2008 comeback album surprised by bowing at no. 2 and selling 100,000 copies, but that was 5 years ago; 10 seems unlikely to draw such support.

Other questions to consider is how much can The Band Perry sell? Does Tyler, The Creator best his no. 5 debut of Goblin and draw a wider audience despite his controversial style? By how much do the chart toppers this week fall (Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Blake Shelton)?

All information was researched via All Music Guide (, (including archives), and RIAA (

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