New Music Watch: Drop City Yacht Club (“Crickets”)

It’s so CATCHY… Drop City Yacht Club‘s single “Crickets”  that is.  The production is exceptional and lush (thanks especially to some sweet piano), guest Jeremih‘s tenor is awesome on the hook.

“So I told her her like ooh baby / I’m so amazed by everything that you do / So I told her like darlin’ / I feel like I am fallin’…I told her we should kick it / but all I heard was crickets.”

Ultimately, the song screams hit. Why? It’s lighter, gentler rap with a gargantuan pop hook – it straddles and easily crosses over.  You know that you have something if it latches from the first time – and “Crickets” definitely does.

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about new artists and try to follow their career paths as they are  the future.  I was unaware of Drop City Yacht Club and if curiosity hadn’t struck me, I may have let the iTunes free single of the week fall by the wayside.  I’m glad something told me to LISTEN.

The California  hip-hop trio (KristoA Wolf, and THX) is signed on Octone/A&M Records – a major label.  Their facebook page provides more info about the up-and-comers that you can explore here (Drop City Yacht Club).  Basically, their style is described as “Towing the line between clever hip hop, sly pop, and a splash of sun-soaked ’60s rock, the group cruises down its own lane with a wide-eyed smirk.” Works for me.

The band’s Cricket -EP is currently available, including “Crickets” as well as a remix (“Gangster Summer Remix”).
Also on the EP are cuts “Mister Dean” and “The Fonz“, both of which exhibit exceptional production and sharp rhymes.

You can follow Drop City Yacht Club on twitter: @dcyclub as well as check out their official site:

Photo Credit: A&M / Octone

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