Chart Moves: Justin Timberlake, American Idol, Lil Wayne

Justin Timberlake produces big numbers with The 20/20 Experience.

#Winning: Justin Timberlake’s Very Big Week

Justin Timberlake has a lot to celebrate this week.  First things first (and most importantly), his third solo effort The 20/20 Experience dropped last week, March 19.  That is celebration in itself, especially for all those who had been waiting for ‘sexy’ to come back a minute ago.  But now comes the icing and the sprinkles – or cherries! The 20/20 Experience has an aggregate score of 74 from Metacritic, which is a favorable reading.  Rolling Stone gave the album 4 out of 5 stars; Spin was favorable as well. I personally awarded it 3 1/2 out of 5… make that into a percent and you 70%, as Metacritic would suggest. So critically, Justin Timberlake is getting some love. (Album Review: Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience)

Commercially, the effort exceeded expectations, dropping 968,000 copies its first week.  WOW! The last male artist to drop near that total was Lil Wayne, whose Tha Carter IV just fell shy of that number with 964,000 copies sold.  For a while, it looked like JT had a shot at the milli mark, but just fell short.  The last artist to do that was of course Taylor Swift with a little album called Red with multiple hits about boys… just sayin’. But many artists would kill to have their albums sell 968,000 copies total, let alone in one week.  JT outperforms his last album, nearly by 300,000 copies… (it sold 684,000 its first week).  Say what you will about the schmaltzy, blue-eyed Memphis, TN singer, but he’s got swag – and numbers.

Being honest, he is the only big news on the Billboard Albums chart this week.  Think it was strategic no other major debuts bowed the same day as JT?

#Losing: American Idol Trending Down

The juggernaut of reality television continues to lose ratings – weren’t we all expecting this?   Nicki MinajMariah Carey and Keith Urban aren’t enough to drive viewers. Being

NIcki Minaj

honest, I’m only a casual fan this season when I used to be a die-hard one.  But giving my opinion (which I excel at, ask anybody), the show has been off since one mean, brutally honest Simon Cowell left.  And if we want to get technical about it, even before he ‘flew the coup’, things were beginning to trend down…

Are people tired of watching karaoke performances on television? No disrespect to those who can truly ‘sang’, but still… hard to make established hit songs something new, innovative, and more special than the original. Me singing Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” is likely not to have the same magic as Wonder singing it, right? Right!

But refocusing, there is just little to be enthusiastic about in regards to Idol, talent or otherwise.  American Idol tried to play up dissension between the divas Carey and Minaj, but that didn’t last. Minaj is crazy (as expected) and Carey is rather boring.  And ratings are DOWN.

Lil Wayne is one interesting dude…

#TBD:WWLWD (What Will Lil Wayne Do?)

Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine is one of several albums released March 26.

Justin Timberlake is the star this week, as expected.  Next week, there are several albums being released (Blake SheltonAlan Jackson, One RepublicDido, and Depeche Mode). We all know there is one surefire hit – Lil Wayne‘s I Am Not A Human Being II (Review: Lil Wayne, I Am Not A Human Being II [Deluxe Edition]).  The question is, “What will Lil Wayne do” or better worded, how much will he sell? Keep in mind the first installment of I Am Not A Human Being was a much more modest success than his Tha Carter offerings.  Will single “Love Me” be enough to propel sales? Does anyone really care how much girls love him?

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