Chart Moves: Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Baauer, Justin Timberlake

David Bowie had a great week.

Bon Jovi Garners Third Consecutive No. 1 Album

Bon Jovi had a pretty good week (emphasis on ‘pretty’).  The band’s most recent effort What About Now debuts atop the Billboard 200 Chart with 101,000 copies.  The good news is that those numbers are better than the initially prognosticated 90,000 and then the adjusted 95,000 copies forecast.  The bad news? According to Billboard, it is the smallest number in 17 years for the band. At least it hit six figures…

David Bowie

David Bowie arguably had a better week, regardless of selling less copies in what was purported to be a close race for no. 1.  Bowie’s first album in ten years, The Next Day, debuts at no. 2 with 85,000 copies, pretty close with the prognostication.  The 85,000 copies is Bowie’s best sales week in recent times and even more optimistically, the album performed well considering scant promotion.  Some artists can promote the heck out of an album and sell nowhere near 85,000 copies. Kudos Bowie!

Passion: Let The Future Begin is yet another Christian album making a top five splash, bowing at no. 4 with 48,000 copies. Teen R&B/pop group Mindless Behavior bow at no. 6 with All Around The World, their sophomore effort, selling 37,000 copies. Compared to previous effort #1 Girl, the numbers are nearly identical (no. 7, 36,000 copies).  Eric Clapton bows at no. 7 with his independently released effort Old Sock, selling almost as much as Mindless Behavior.  Similarly, Dave Grohl’s soundtrack Sound City Reel to Reel pulls in similar numbers at no. 8.

The leftovers? Luke Bryan (no. 3), Bruno Mars (no. 5), Mumford & Sons (no. 9) and Jimi Hendrix (no. 10).  All take tumbles.


Baauer Stays Put at no. 1

The “Harlem Shake” craze seems like its waned a little, but Baauer’s breakout single continues to sit atop the Billboard 100 for an impressive 5th week.  Don’t feel bad for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis though – “Thrift Shop” continues to sell extremely well.  They are getting that paper!

Justin Timberlake is set for a big week.

Justin Timberlake Projected To Bow Loftily

Justin Timberlake has come to single-handedly save us all commercially. The 20/20 Experience has been upgraded from a 500,000 copy bow to potentially 750,000 copies.  Keep in mind that 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSound debuted at no. 1 with 684,000 copies.  JT could always produce the numbers.

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