Justin Bieber Threatens To Beat The [Bleep] Out Of Paparazzi

Let me first say, somebody needs to help this CHILD – No not a MAN but CHILD.  Maybe I only have a couple of years on him, but I feel that he needs some H-E-L-P.  I had to get that off my chest.  Also let me add, I’ve been trying to wane down on my post about pop’s most ubiquitous and annoying star.  This one though, was just too good to let alone.  Continuing on now.

Justin Bieber had a bad week – apparently (and AGAIN much like Grammy weekend). London was certainly not good to him.  He had the “worst birthday ever” (he’s 19 btw and wait till he keeps getting older…), had a twitter meltdown after he was booed for being two hours late to a concert, fainted/was hospitalized Thursday night (March 7), and now today he tops off his regained health in a big, “bad wolf” kind of way. I can’t wait to see how the Beliebers defend the fact that Justin Bieber will “f*cking beat the f*ck out of you.” Yes you read right, minus the censorship. Stylized: “…FKN BT TH FK OT OF U”.  Certainly trumps his obscured use of damn on “Die In Your Arms” from Believe right?

Maybe this is his ugliest PR disaster as of late, though “Pot Gate” wasn’t exactly beautiful.  I wasn’t too fond of seeing his bare butt crack, nor was too keen of his sagging on his birthday nor his shirtless get well soon pic.  The difference between all those and most of all the blunt pic is he threatens assault… that’s deeper than lighting up one while listening to Bob Marley, right? Now assault/threatening others… “Houston, we have a problem.”

I won’t go into

“I’ll f***ing beat the f*** out of you!”

detail – watch the video/gif for yourself (Nope f-bombs are uncensored so beware). Bieber’s attitude continues to build a case against the singer.

Was he provoked by the paparazzi? Yes, but that’s part of being a celebrity – dealing with the cameras surrounding you all the time.  Also if Bieber was a more ‘mature’ 19-year old (which he isn’t), he would’ve better handled  the situation.

I mean yes, f-bombs are entrenched within the youth of today – much to the chagrin and horror of parents – but still, was there any need for this? Is it really good for a teen star that seems to be a [bad] role model for his audience could unleash his inner beast so easily? #Dumb #Whack #BiebersGoingInTheWrongDirection

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