Kelly Clarkson vs. Clive Davis (Again)

Clive Davis & Anthony DeCurtis, The Soundtrack of My Life © Simon & Schuster

If you weren’t already aware, Kelly Clarkson and Clive Davis don’t see “eye to eye” musically/artistically.  The biggest disagreement was in regards to Clarkson’s 2007 album My December which Davis absolutely hated and didn’t want Clarkson to release it.  She fought for the album and it was her least successful one.  That said, it wasn’t a flop. Maybe both have an argument there.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the album, but it wasn’t bad either and “Never Again” was a top 10 hit.

But the reason why the argument has reignited was because of Davis’s memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, which became available today.  The biggest news from the memoir was in regards to Clive Davis being bisexual.  On afternoon talk show Katie, Davis revealed it was after his second divorce in the 1980s that he became bisexual and opened himself up to a relationship with a man. He also made it clear he was in a monogamous relationship with a man currently, but if it didn’t work out, he still was equally attracted to women.  His wishes are that people aren’t critical of the notion of bisexuality – you can be attracted to both sexes.

But, of course, Kelly Clarkson went on the offensive during Davis’s “Memoir Tour” here: Basically, she stands up for herself against Davis’s remarks against her.  If we know one thing about Clarkson, she is not afraid to “speak her mind.”

So is Clarkson overreacting when it seems as if there is more interest in Davis‘s sexuality? Or is she playing a game of C.Y.A.?

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