American Idol Contestant Zoanette Johnson Is Something…The Question is What

Zoanette Johnson is nothing short of a character – and an entertainment/ ratings stunt.

American Idol continues to grow wilder and weirder each and every season. Zoanette Johnson is the next weird piece of the puzzle with her bizarre original composition “Ba Ba Ba” from Thursday night’s show that somehow got her to the Top 20 Girls (Yes WTF is right).  Now after I have watched it on the telecast and re-watched it several more times in disbelief, I find myself trying to refrain from cursing – but that’s just me… Watch for yourself… At least she played the drums I suppose…”Ba ba ba ba…”

We must remember that Ms. Johnson first shocked the world with one of the wildest renditions of “The Spar Spangled Banner” ever… I mean after I heard, I was just, um taken aback…

So I think it is safe to say this is all for ratings and entertainment value because Ms. Johnson is nothing short of a hott (yes two t’s) mess.  And let me add, I would be very scared to date somebody like Johnson – she just cray cray!

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