Justin Bieber Wants To Slap The Black Keys’s Patrick Carney


Justin Bieber, the consummate musician takes on The Black Keys (Patrick Carney).

Justin Bieber wasn’t too happy with The Black Keys – well at least half of he duo – Patrick Carney. Carney, in an interview, basically suggested that Bieber doesn’t need a Grammy, he’s making money… The interpretation, he’s not a Grammy-worthy artist/musician. Harsh statement? Well it was said artistically, right?

Bieber, probably already mad because he got “snubbed” tweeted (below).  I’m sure he could easily decode Carney’s comments as writing him off.  BTW, the tweet has been favorited and retweeted several thousand times.

Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) is under some fire for his Bieber comments.

And of course Patrick Carney’s twitter is blowing up with Bieber fans mad, whining and complaining and all that jazz.

But face it people, if you had to choose between the artistry of The Black Keys vs. that of Justin Bieber, is it really even a comparison? I mean Bieber makes records that are well attuned to what his fan base likes, but wouldn’t it have really been weird to see “Boyfriend” win record of the year? What about “Beauty and a Beat”?



And TMZ broken down both’s Grammy wins which is no comparison; The Black Keys 7 vs. Justin Bieber 0.  Patrick Carney had the balls to say what many folk have been saying since he bounced onto the scene on ’09.  Furthermore, if he is making ‘bread’, which is a lot more useful than a Grammy (A grammy doesn’t sell albums on the regular, right?) why should Bieber even care?

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