The ‘Moon’ Is Full for Justin Bieber, Much To All’s Chagrin


I took a few days off from blogging, but I am getting it done in a big way this Monday, January 21st. A momentous day as it is Martin Luther King Day and the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, why not add some pop cultural fodder to the mix.  An appropriate musical selection for this post would be Big Sean‘s (Justin Bieber‘s favorite rapper who happened to guest on “As Long As You Love Me” from Believe) “Dance (@$$)”.  Why you ask? Well if you haven’t heard, you’ll find out.

First things first.  Some people really like attention – I mean they crave it and are hungry for it like a “dog after a bone.” It’s kind of like an addiction. I call these types “attention whores.” Yeah, maybe it’s harsh, but when your ‘celebrity’ is based upon presence and overexposure, you must be an attention whore – its unwritten code.  I think JB is one of that fold who loves to draw attention to himself, even if the attention is dumb as sh!t. It’s all about publicity – but his whole career is, right? I don’t buy the whole anti-papparazi thing completely, even if Bieber has tried to run away from them on more than one occasion.  Now we are beholden to quite a showing, Bieber’s boot-ay. Exhibit A is below, just like the most glorious plumber’s crack. Don’t open at work… wouldn’t want anyone getting in trouble over this hot-t-t mess-s-s-s.  Sigh.  SMH x’s 1,000,000.

Justin Bieber moons on instagram
Justin Bieber moons on instagram (photo from Huffington Post; originally posted via Bieber’s instagram)

I mean, Scooter Braun ran in defense of his client’s ‘prank’ as expected, but to me, this is just plain dumb and a view I could’ve done without.  I mean to each his/her own, but I don’t really thrive on seeing crack. I say NO to CRACK.  That’s just me.

Over and over, particularly as of late, Bieber has shown us just how much he loves himself.  I understand he’s 18 and a teen heartthrob (much to many’s chagrin), but I also think he’s let it all get to his head.  His shirtless exhibitions continue full-throttle with each successive concert, twitter-post, etc.  These photos are from some concert that was likely more visuals/ “eye candy” than “ear candy”. Judging by an array of views I’ve read regarding Bieber’s vocals, I doubt he ‘knocks it out of the park’ musically.

CHICAGO, IL - December 15, 2012: Justin Bieber performs live on stage at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois (photo by Alex Goykhman/ B96 Chicago)

But like I said, what Bieber has going for him is his love for attention. His fans are quick to defend his every move, no matter how dumb it is.  I’m not being ‘holier than thou’ and I am definitely not asserting I’ve never done anything stupid, but I was also much more mature than this guy at ’18’.  Maybe it was my love and excellence in academics, who knows. Regardless of my heightened maturity,  I am definitely not impressed by Bieber’s shirtless escapades, ganja smoking, booty-flaunting, boxer-brief sagging, cant-drive-worth-a tactics. Basically what I’m saying is that he’s not “all that”. He thinks he IS, he thinks he’s grown, but he should’ve learned from being shut out of the Grammy’s that he’s NOT the ‘second coming’.  Get over yourself Biebz and GROW UP!

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