The End…Of Taylor/Styles… But Really Only More Fuel For The Fire

This is no mo’

So the inevitable happened – another power couple has fallen by the wayside. Sigh. The union of Taylor Swift and One Direction member Harry Styles has ended. And to think in my last blog post I questioned where Taylor Swift was in One Direction’s “Kiss You” video. SMH.  May it rest in peace. Such a sad day to see another Taylor Swift relationship go south… Yes I’m being sarcastic!  I feel like we must go through this, well, way too often! What is crazy to me is that everyone is so eager for each successive Taylor Swift album knowing that it is going to be another autobiographical, yet addictive affair. I even find myself wondering what the country-pop singer is going to do next and lawwwwwd knows I’m not one for schmaltz. It’s even more overexposed than Justin Bieber… to be exact by several hundred thousand copies…

Swift’s last effort Red was one big relationship gone wrong. Yes, it was more than that, but we can generalize about some
prominent songs, can’t we (my blog after all).  Swift sifted through such numbers like “I Knew You Were Trouble.” and the ubiquitous “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” turning sour relationships into addictive, annoyingly, catchy POP. Much to my chagrin and sometimes to my pleasure, these songs got stuck in my cranium making me want to scream or never ever reconcile with an ex – shouldn’t that be the case anyways? And what about 2010’s Speak Now which was overt about her miscue with John Mayer on “Dear John”.  I mean, it’s all about boys (and men)! And we honestly, we all knew John Mayer was trouble when he walked in… “Your Body Is A Wonderland” John, followed later by “Heartbreak Warfare”? Uh huh.

This one didn’t last either…

Ultimately, Taylor Swift probably could benefit from being single for longer than two seconds. Though in the same token, her hardcore fans might suffer from a lack of ‘love-gone-wrong’ inspiration.  Because I’m not one to hold back my opinions, personally, I don’t think there is any shortage of Taylor Swift publicity. I’ve always been mixed on the singer/songwriter, but I won’t deny that she knows how to put together a winning studio album. I’m not big on her live singing, particularly that ‘note’ she graced us with while performing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on New Year’s Eve, but she has improved I suppose.

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