Chart Moves: Bruno Mars Settles For No 2. Though ‘Locks’ Up No. 1 on Hot 100; T.I. Looks At Top 5


Kinda ironic I was ‘locked’ out of the top spot…

Bruno Mars Bows at no. 2

Bruno Mars exceeded expectations numbers-wise as Unorthodox Jukebox bows a no. 2 with career best 192,000 copies.  192K is a far cry from the 140-150K  projection for the effort. Additionally, 192,000 obliterates the 55,000 bow of Doo-Wops & Hooligans as well as that efforts best sales week of 84,000.  Mars can pound his chest and have as much “Gorilla” action as he wants with those numbers.

“I keep making so much $$$ off of bad relationships…”

Taylor Streak

Of course Mars found himself behind Queen Taylor Swift, who waved her magic wand and managed to post a gain in sales. A gain from a solid 167,000 to 208,000 copies. I haven’t been tallying Red‘s sale totals, but they certainly must be robust.  Between these two weeks, Swift has sold 375,000 more copies of Red.  And let’s not forget that a video for her dubstep infused “I Knew You Were Trouble.” just bowed.  Sure she’s in too many relationships that always end up being her ex’s fault, but she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Louis Tomlinson: “platinum album!”

Holiday Cheer & One Direction’s Platinum Stats

Michael Bublé posts gains with Christmas (no. 3, 138,000) as does everyone’s least favorite boy-band One Direction, Take Me Home (no. 4, 127,000).  For as much grief as I give the Brit-Irish band, confirms the band have the distinction of having two platinum albums in the same year. That machine doesn’t look like it is about to fade, unfortunately.  And what about what was deemed ‘the holiday album’ Rod Stewart’s Merry Christmas, Baby? It’s sold well, but underperformed the way every assumed it would perform, but 108,000 copies tacked on is no joke – more money for Stewie.

The Game’s Jesus Piece sells respectably, not hugely.

Game’s Jesus Piece Bows

Game’s Jesus Piece is filled with controversial play on religious themes in a secular approach.

So the top five only gave birth to Bruno Mars and everyone else would bow less regally. Game‘s Jesus Piece has nothing to be too upset about, bowing at a respectable no. 6 with a decent 86,000 copies.  That’s not far off from 2011’s R.E.D. Album, which did better numbers bowing at no. 1 with 98,000 copies.  Game has seen better days than both affairs, with three previous albums in The Documentary (2005/no. 1 with 586,000), Doctor’s Advocate (2007, no. 1 with 358,000 copies), and L.A.X.  (no. 2, 238,000 copies). But let’s be honest people, we rarely see anything these days sell huge numbers unless it’s the ultimate juggernaut (Taylor Swift, One Direction, Mumford & Sons, etc.)

By the way, I don’t endorse Fox News (let’s start with that point), particularly being a liberal, BUT I’m not surprised to see an article in relation to Game’s controversial new album. It is a conceptual album that plays on religious themes and titles, but embraces secularisms. Speaking as an open-minded individual who is also religious, it is an undoubtedly/undisputedly controversial.  That said, it has some solid moments, even if you feel you may be damning yourself with some of Game’s sacrilege. If you dare read the article from the conservative network, here is the link (

“I’ve had better days for sure…”

Everything Else

“Forget Alicia Keys’s problems, what about ours?”

Phillip Phillips hangs around with that overly wordy album title The World From the Side Of The Moon (no. 7, 68,000).  Blake Shelton keeps making some cheddar with Cheers, It’s Christmas (no. 8, 68,000).  Recently sued Alicia Keys‘s Girl On Fire has more staying power than initially suspected, managing to add another 61,000 to her total sales (no. 9).  I believe that Girl On Fire has now sold 297,000 copies. Still, that is exactly 123,000 copies shy of the total 2009’s Element of Freedom sold in it’s first week. Lukewarm girl being sued it seems…

Lady Antebellum close the top 10 with On This Winter’s Night, with 60,000 copies.  So the big question becomes, where is Green Day‘s ¡Tré!? Oh it missed the top 10, bowing at no. 13 with 58,000 copies.  Not good news for the once invincible band.  Each successive album has lost sales of it’s 2012 trilogy: 139,000 to 69,000 and now a mere 58,000 copies.  Also that Nashville soundtrack debuted at no. 14 with 56,000. Not my cup of tea most likely, but to each his own.

Bruno Mars ‘Locked’ at no. 1

Bruno Mars stays put at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Locked Out Of Heaven.” The bigger news may be the diminishing of Ke$ha‘s formerly popular “Die Young” following the tragic events of the Sandyhook Elementary shooting in CT.  According to, it falls only one spot (no. 3 to no. 4), but the effect will probably grow more dramatically. Undoubtedly, there will be divisive opinions whether or not Ke$ha’s song should/shouldn’t have been banned. As for me, well, I was never in love with it, but I’m not going to be a hater to the no. 2 hit.

“My days of no. 1 albums may be numbered…Thanks Taylor!”

T.I. To Debut Highly, Likely Can’t Stop Swift

T.I.‘s Trouble Man: The Head Is Heavy is slated to sell in the ballpark of 150,000 – 170,000.  This is actually on par with the sales of 2010’s No Mercy, which sold 159,000 copies to bow at no. 4. As mentioned previously with Game, these also don’t represent T.I.’s best days sales wise. 2006’s King (my personal favorite T.I. album), bowed at no. 1 with 522,000 copies.  2007’s T.I. vs. T.I.P, a weaker album in my opinion, also hit no. 1 with 468,000 copies.  2008’s Paper Trail, T.I.’s bestselling overall album, hit no. 1 with his best sales week of 568,000 copies.  So the 150K range is definitely a downgrade for an artist who really used to post some gargantuan numbers.

The 12-12-12 Concert arrives digitally and should also be competing against T.I.’s numbers, with suggesting a 125-000 – 150,000 prognostication for the set. So if T.I. underperforms and 12-12-12 over-performs, we’ve got something.

Chief Keef: “Right now, I’m doubting my chances at the top 5…”

But all this conjecturing aside, we all know that Taylor Swift is likely to have an even bigger week than the 208,000 she posted this week and we also know Michael Bublé has one more good week in him (also don’t count out the other Holiday albums, namely Rod Stewart).

As for Chief Keef, I’d say it’s a bad week to release an album, but who knows what he’ll end up selling. He really won’t like his chart position most likely… get it “I Don’t Like”… oh well, I tried.

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