Chart Moves: One Direction No. 1; Rihanna Tops Hot 100; Rihanna on Deck For no. 1 Possibly


One Direction, Take Me Home

One Direction Bows Big @ no. 1

They went from a no. 1 debuting album at 176,000 copies sold to a no. 1 sophomore effort less than a year later with 540,000 copies sold.  My prediction was only 15,000 copies off – I said they’d split the prognosticated 500,000 – 550,000 at 525,000.  By anyways, One Direction may be captivated by “Little Things” as they sing on no. 1 bowing Take Me Home, but the Brit-Irish band have a lot to be excited by, landing the third biggest debut of the year behind Queen Taylor Swift (1.21 million) and alt-folksters Mumford & Sons (600K).  I believe the band ought to enjoying it “…while [they’re] young” as we know how quickly ‘trends’ fade. Yes, look back to Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus who both faded.  Go back further to *N Sync, 98 Degrees, or the Backstreet Boys, who are either broken up or past their lucrative prime.

The Weeknd, Trilogy

Also that Twilight soundtrack bowed at 93,000 copies a no. 3 behind one Taylor Swift, who added another 145,000 to her nearly 2 million selling RedThe Weeknd shockingly outsells a crop of more familiar acts (Soundgarden, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, and Lana Del Rey) to bow at no. 4 with his ‘compilation’ major label bow Trilogy with 86,000 copies sold (about 4,000 copies shy of projection). Trilogy is a 3-disc, 30 track affair comprised of The Weeknd’s three previously issued mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence) plus three bonus tracks.

Soundgarden gets some reunion love at no. 5 with a robust 83,000 given the lengthy hiatus prior to King AnimalChristina Aguilera finds herself underperforming at no. 7 as Lotus disappoints with 73,000 sold (about 2,000 shy of projections). Making Aguilera’s debut more lackadaisical is the fact that 2010’s Bionic brought in more enthusiastic numbers with a no. 3 bow with about 111,000 copies sold.  Keep in mind that that album bombed (failed to be certified gold). Remember a little Christina Aguilera album called Back To Basics in 2006? It sold nearly twice the combination of the two’s debut weeks (346,000 compared to a combined 184,000). No, albums don’t sell

Billie Joe and company have had better days commercially… just saying…

nearly as well, but Aguilera’s star seems to have, well shriveled.

Green Day underperforms much worse this go around, managing to bow at no. 9 with a weak 69,000 copies sold of ¡Dos!, the second of the trilogy of albums released by the band this fall.  Compared to what was deemed an incredibly underwhelming selling first disc (¡Uno! bowed at no. 2 with 139,000 copies sold), ¡Dos! looks like the ultimate bomb for the band. 

Lana Del Rey has no reason to hang her head as Paradise bows at no. 10 with 67,000 copies.  Guess what? That’s only a shade less than what Born to Die bowed with at no. 2 earlier this year (77,000 copies). Born to Die also posted a gain this week.  Big winners? One Direction, The Weeknd, Soundgarden, and Lana Del Rey. Big Losers? Christina Aguilera and Green Day.

Rihanna’s GQ cover

Rihanna Ends Maroon 5’s Remarkable Run

Well the Maroon 5 “One More Night” juggernaut finally subsided. It had its last night, replaced by Rihanna‘s ubiquitous, subtler “Diamonds.” Go figure. Rihanna visibility is larger than ever, in more ways than one (anyone see that GQ cover?). Rihanna seems guaranteed at least one no. 1 record every year – I believe she’s only missed on year in recent times.  But of course Adam Levine and company shouldn’t cry, they only matched Carly Rae Jepsen‘s 9 weeks at no. 1 with the schmaltzy “Call Me Maybe” and surpassed that ultra weirdo Gotye‘s oddly satisfying “Somebody That I Used To Know.” And don’t even get me started on how he beat fun.

Rihanna Looks To The Top Come Next Week

Rihanna has accomplished numerous feats during her short career except for an album that debuted at no. 1.  That could change as Rihanna aims

Rihanna’s Unapologetic could debut at no. 1

for a career high bow somewhere between 225,000 and 250,000 according to  The fourth quarter, as expands, is filled with surprise ‘blockbusters,’ often a previous chart topper or a holiday themed album that garners enough traction to go for a big run (Josh Groban‘s NoelMichael Bublé, Andrea Bocelli, etc.). Rod Stewart would be the most likely culprit this year as albums by Lady AntebellumColbie Caillat, Cee Lo Green, and Scotty McCreery in the holiday vein haven’t had the same impact as the smokey voice rocker turned crooner.

As far as blockbusters, there are plenty of ‘x-factors’ that could once again derail Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s hopes. They include Taylor Swift (Red), One Direction (Take Me Home), Jason Aldean, Mumford & Sons… etc. My guess is One Direction will take a tumble since even second weeks during the 4 quarter usually are still noted for sales erosion.  Taylor Swift would have the best shot, while Jason Aldean and Mumford & Sons have hung around the top ten.

Phillip Phillips should have a decent week.

Kid Rock and Phillip Phillips look to sport decent numbers. Rock around the 165,000 mark and Phillips around 150K.  With Phillips, the comparison will be to previous Idol winner Scotty McCreery, who managed to debut at no. 1 with 197,000 copies.  Phillips is prognosticated nearly 50,000 below this figure.  “Home” has helped to propel the American Idol winner, but that record has been around a while now, even if it is still making chart waves.  The question for Phillips will be is there  another capable single that can come close to promoting Phillips’s The World From The Side Of The Moon.

My question is, will by girl Keyshia Cole get the love she deserves? I want to “Trust and Believe” she will, but she may continue to get “…No Love” unfortunately.


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