Macy Gray is Releasing Cover Album ‘Talking Book’? Whoa


Macy Gray releases her cover album of Steven Wonder’s TALKING BOOK on Oct. 30…

We all know Macy Gray is long past her Grammy-winning peak.  Some might even pinpoint her into the one-hit-wonder category, whether it be accounting for triple platinum album On How Life Is or hit single “I Try.” I’ll admit that I have parodied “I Try” more than once, as have many of my friends – mean, but it’s easy to do. Truthfully, it is one of the most memorable pop songs of its time.  What is shocking to me is that Macy Gray is releasing a cover album of Stevie Wonder‘s Talking Book.  Stevie Wonder’s voice transcends soulful and smooth while Gray sounds… well she’s quite an acquired taste.  In my mind, it is something to hear Gray ‘trying ‘to tackle the chivalrous balladry of one of my favorite Wonder songs, “You And I.” I’m not trying to be a hater – I’ll even say that Gray will probably kill “Superstition,” a song matching her sensibilities, but it is a bit ‘surprising.’

Take a listen for yourself…

Talking Book bows October 30.  Will you buy?

Macy Gray: “I’m even shaking my head about covering Stevie Wonder’s TALKING BOOK. What was I thinking?”



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