Chart Moves: Macklemore at no. 2, Maroon 5 Stay Put, Jason Aldean’s Got Next


Macklemore scores big alongside producer Ryan Lewis with album THE HEIST

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Garner Biggest Debut

Mumford Close to Platinum Certification Three Weeks In

Mumford & Sons keep on truckin’ toward platinum status

So yeah, Mumford & Sons continue their little folk exploration thingy by ruling the Billboard Album chart for a third straight week.  Expected to sell about 90,000 copies, they sold 96,000 – Overachievers. They are expected to concede next week to country’s newest king Jason Aldean. But if you are keeping a running total of the album, it has sold 865,000, just 135,000 short of platinum status.  Sigh No More sold 2.5 million over a steady time period.  What does that mean? Babel is off to a quick start.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Wait, Who?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore  (rapper) and Ryan Lewis (producer) have reached the peak position of their careers – no. 2.  Had it not been for chart champion Mumford & Sons‘s resolve, these steadily growing unknowns (oxymoron?) could’ve have topped the Billboard 200.  Selling 78,000 (larger than previous estimates of 65,000 and 75,000), the independently distributed The Heist is ‘laughing all the way to the bank’.  “Thrift Shop” featuring Wanz definitely aided in the promotion of The Heist.

…And The Rest of the New Albums

MGK bows at no. 4 on the Billboard Albums Chart and no. 2 on the R&B/Hip Hop Tally

Kiss lands at no. 3 as expected with Monster, following 2009’s Sonic Boom. Expected to sell 60,000, Monster comes close at 56,000.  MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) does well for himself at no. 4 with Lace Up, slightly over performing with 51,000 (as opposed to estimated 50,000 tops).  Coheed and Cambria bows at no. 5 with 49,000 for its latest (The Afterman: Ascension) while Baltimore’s All Time Low also seem to outperform intial expectations as Don’t Panic bows at no. 6 with 48,000.  Barbra Streisand bows at no. 7 with Release Me (44,000), outperforming ever so slightly. P!nk holds over at no. 8, while Ellie Goulding bows at no. 9 with Halycon, also outperforming with 34,000 sold as opposed to a predicted 30,000.  Muse closes out the top ten.

Maroon 5 Continues to Keep PSY Clothed (Thank Goodness)

Adam Levine (Maroon 5): “I rock the shirtless look better than PSY ever could. You agree?”

In what has become the norm, Maroon 5 continues to sit atop the Billboard Hot 100 with its ever popular “One More Night.” PSY continues to sit tight at no. 2, hence remaining clothed as “Gangnam Style” has failed to get over the hump – or better yet past Adam Levine‘s falsetto.

Jason Aldean Expecting Year’s Second Largest Debut

Jason Aldean’s independently distributed NIGHT TRAIN is expected to bow big at no. 1

After Mumford & Sons have hogged the no. 1 spot for three straight weeks, they are expected to concede the Billboard 200 crown to independent country artist Jason Aldean, who could sell 400,000 copies of his latest album, Night Train. Aldean has been building a consistent base with each and every album, so ultimately it is no surprise that he will debut at no. 1.

What About Brandy’s Two Eleven?

Where will Brandy’s Two Eleven debut next week?

What is interesting to see is where will Brandy‘s [over]hyped Two Eleven fall? Let’s examine her previous two solo albums.  2004’s Afrodisiac sold 129,000 copies and bowed at no. 3. 2008’s Human underperformed by a mile, bowing during the fourth quarter at no. 15 with 73,000 copies.  Account for the fact that Two Eleven comes after a 4 year hiatus and there is no major radio staple for the album that transcends the R&B market (“Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown is currently at no. 70 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at no. 3 on the R&B/Hip Hop songs, currently re-gaining at no. 16).  The album is gaining hype in the R&B circles, but as to how much that translates into overall sales, only time will tell.

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