Chart Moves: Mumford’s Big at no. 1, PSY still no. 2, and Muse/Miguel runner-up, third next week


Lupe Fiasco checks in at no. 5 with 89,000, a drop from 2011’s no. 1 bowing Lasers

Mumford & Sons, no. 1

Babel takes no. 1 and has ‘got next’

Mumford & Sons unsurprisingly top the Billboard 200 with enormous numbers as Babel opens with 600,000 copies, outselling other superstar releases this week (Green Day, No Doubt and Lupe Fiasco) as well as outselling the year’s previous best debut, Justin Bieber‘s Believe (374,000).

Green Day underperforms at no. 2 selling 139,000 of ¡Uno! (projected to sell 150,000) while No Doubt also underperform  at no. 3 with 115,000 copies sold (projected to sell 125,000). P!nk falls to no. 4 from no. 1, beating out the no. 5 bow of Lupe Fiasco with Food & Liquor IIwhich also underperforms with 89,000 copies sold (off 115,000 from 2011’s

Good thing the ‘best things in life are free’ as Angie Stone won’t be a ‘rich girl’ judging by those chart numbers… OUCH!

Lasers and off 11,000 from initial projections). deadmau5 has a moment at no. 6 with <Album Title Goes Here>.  

Angie Stone is the week’s biggest loser as Rich Girl cripples onto the chart at no. 109 with 4,000 copies. OUCH! She’s never had a top ten album, but The Art of Love & War (2007) opened at no. 11. That is a far cry from 109.  Good news though: Unexpected peaked at no. 133 in 2009.  It is the small things in life… sorry Angie.

PSY Keeps His Shirt On at No. 2

PSY’s shirt stays on… Adam’s the only shirtless one at no. 1 here with “One More Night”

PSY said something along the lines he’d rap “Gangnam Style” shirtless if it topped the Billboard Hot 100. Thank God for Maroon 5‘s “One More Night” holding off the annoying little cut I’d love to never hear again.  #SMH

Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream possessing quality/critical note transcendent of its upcoming modest bow on the Billboard 200 (no. 3, 50,000 copies)

Mumford Likely to Keep no. 1 spot Warm

Although Muse and Miguel aim high with highly anticipated albums for the week of October 2, 2012, they will likely settle for runner-up/third respectively.  Mumford & Sons Babel will likely experience a huge plummet, but not enough to offset numbers like 110,000 or 50,000, what’s projected for Muse and Miguel.  Muse’s numbers are down from 2009’s The Resistance while Kaleidoscope Dream’s  numbers mark an ascent for Miguel, even if the album should receive MUCH more love than that.

The 2nd Law (Muse) probably won’t pose much of a threat to Mumford’s Babel.

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