Impressions: Single – Christina Aguilera, “Your Body”


So Christina Aguilera is in a good spot right. Maybe it is premature to assess her current lot given the fact that 2010’s Bionic was a huge bomb (bowed at no. 3  on the Billboard

Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” is the lead single from Nov. 13’s LOTUS

200 Album Chart with a slim 110,000 copies and failed to go gold).  I don’t think so because of how much higher Aguilera’s stock seems to be now. NBC‘s The Voice is a huge hit and Aguilera being a judge can benefit from the perks of television promotion. She needs/can capitalize off that exposure for her upcoming album, Lotus, due November 13. Personally, I think her single “My Body” eclipses 2010’s “Not Myself Tonight,” which wasn’t a bad record – at least to me.

Aguilera‘s Bionic as a whole was chided by critics, though I thought it was an album

Christina Aguilera should receive a bounce in promotion from being on The Voice and generally in a better spot compared to 2010’s Bionic

with captivating moments.  The problem was that most people saw Aguilera as trying to hard to assimilate to current pop trends, particularly following 2006’s Back To Basics, a platinum-certified, no. 1 album that snagged a Grammy for “Ain’t No Other Man.” “My Body” is a better promo single for Aguilera than “Not Myself Tonight” could hope to be, stalling in the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100. Ouch!

“My Body” eclipses numerous singles by fellow divas.  It may not be as catchy as P!nk’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” or as innocently-feisty as Taylor Swift‘s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but it is a stronger showing than Rihanna’s somewhat underwhelming

Aguilera probably doesn’t want to relive 2010 (Bionic or bombed film Burlesque)

“Diamonds” (stripped of the Euro-/dance influence surprisingly) and shows more excitability than Alicia Keys’s “Girl On Fire,” which is doing so-so at on the Hot 100.  Very much a pop record, there is enough urban credibility here to allow this cut to crossover – certainly Aguilera’s upper register still sounds as soulful and compelling as ever.

A hit? I’m going to say time will tell.  I certainly don’t see Aguilera struggling to go gold again by any means.  BTW, the video is not too favorable to guys… BEWARE!

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