New Release Overload! TOO MUCH TO LISTEN TO THIS WK!!!


Green Day’s Uno!, the first of a trio of albums by the band, is one of many releases on this crowded September 25th release date

So folks we are firmly planted in the busiest release season of the year. As a music lover, critic, and musician, I am in ‘heaven’ with all the new music being presented and OVERWHELMED to listen/review it all! While my list of listening is slimming down some, save for a few albums left behind (sorry Lecrae, Imagine Dragons, Dwele), it is also growing.  Today, I just finished listening to The Killers exceptional new album, Battle Born, which will likely appear here in an analysis and definitely upon my amazon reviewer page.  Of the new crop of Tuesday’s releases, I just finished listening to Mumford & Sons highly anticipated Babel. But in addition to Babel (Glassnote), there are several other notable releases – something for everybody (or almost, sorry country folks)!

  • Mumford & Sons, Babel [Rock/Folk/Indie]
  • Lupe Fiasco, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1[Rap]
  • No Doubt, Push And Shove [Alternative/Pop]
  • Green Day, Uno! [Rock]
  • deadmau5, <Album Title Goes Here> [Electronic/Dance]
  • Angie Stone, Rich Girl[R&B/Soul]

Also so that your shopping experience is easier fiscally, Amazonmp3 is offering Green Day’s Uno! for $5.  Additionally, No Doubt’s Push And Shove, notably their first new album ‘in a minute’ is $5.99 for the standard and $7.99 for the deluxe.  Also if you are like me and have too many different favorite artists and you are dying to listen before buying or deciding which one you are most eager to add to your collection, there are usually streams available, particularly with and Spotify.  On before I subscribed as a member ($4.99/mo for web-based listening, more for mobile device/app), I was allowed to listen free with limited listening etc.  So take advantage.
Hopefully I’ll give my impressions of some of the above mentioned albums…

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