Random Thoughts: Rick Ross Doesn’t Ask For Much According to “Bury Me A G”


Self Made 2 © Warner Bros.

Rick Ross, one of today’s most ubiquitous MCs, is featured on the cover of the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, shirtless (collective gasp). But anyways, Ross appears to be a relatively simple person (well maybe aside from that big stream of pot he was smoking)  after reading the article.  This just confirms what I already knew based upon Ross’s song off the recent Maybach Music Group compilation.  On the closing cut “Bury Me A G,” all Ross wants to do if he dies today is to be buried in ‘clean drawers’ – pronounced DRAWS and he doesn’t get specific whether he’s a boxers or briefs man and I’m sure no one cares – AND he wants to be buried ‘with his dawgs.’ That’s not asking much, right? I mean, he keeps repeating about his ‘dawgs’ over and over again, so I assume he’s ‘SO SERIOUS’ about it.  I mean, wouldn’t you be serious if you wanted to be buried like a G? I’d expound, but it’s pretty simple considering William Roberts lays it out pretty simply.


Here is the link to Ross’s Rolling stone ‘spread’: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/on-the-cover-rick-ross-gangster-of-love-20120815

Photo Credits: © Warner Bros.

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