Nicki Minaj Is Joining American Idol? Huh?!?!

Well, I was planning on writing a full length post chastising the sappy Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen duet “Good Time,” but I changed my mind after reading the shocking headline that Nicki Minaj is supposedly joining American Idol ( Huh? Additionally, Nick Jonas (as well as producer Pharrell Williams)is being considered to be another judge with veteran judge Randy Jackson moving to a mentoring role.  Mentoring my…they are just trying to get rid of him basically.

But Nicki Minaj? Yeah, she sings and raps and has a huge music personality and stage presence, but really? I personally think it is all about ‘ratings’ because Minaj is nothing short of controversial.  They probably would’ve gotten Lady Gaga if they could just to get ratings. I’m not knocking Minaj, but I think it is a crazy choice.

And why are they considering Nick Jonas of all artists? Are the producers looking for a snooze fest? His credentials are the Jonas Brothers and an ill received solo album (well it was with The Administration). I won’t attack his ‘artistry,’ but are they trying to balance out Nicki Minaj’s liberalism or what?

Pharrell makes sense from the business aspect, though we could chastise his limited singing vocals if we wanted to.  He does have a sound musical background, but as to how he would criticize or how that would translate, that is an X-factor (no pun intended).

I am concerned about the aging singing juggernaut, and with Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj replacing the crazy Steven Tyler and the ill-fitted, over-kind Jennifer Lopez, I’m not convinced of the longevity.



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