Carey’s Selflessness May Not Pay Off On New Single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)”

Mariah Carey, Triumphant © Def Jam

I’m really not  on a Mariah Carey tangent – I know I already posted about her, but that new single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” is not as ‘triumphant’ as Carey would like for you to believe.  Carey when asked about this single said she really like this song and it was special to her – well what artist doesn’t say this? For all we know, Chris Brown thinks that God-awful “Bass Line” song is special as opposed to salacious and ridiculous.  Well in Mrs. Carey’s favor, her intentions are good and the refrain is inspirational enough: “Can’t fall down stay triumphant keep on living…Don’t let em ever count you out/Realize all things are possible/In your heart who’s the greatest/Reach for the stars/Be all that you are/And make em all fall down…” (lyrics courtesy of Yeah, it’s nice and Carey sings it well if somewhat restrained.  But you know what’s sad? For a singer who has often been described as the ‘ultimate diva,’ Carey is too selfless on this cut.

Carey cedes the spotlight on her own comeback single to the Maybach Music Group essentially.  Meek Mill handles the opening verse, followed by Carey’s hook. Then, Rick Ross takes over for a longer second verse, followed by Carey’s hook again.  Even on Carey’s hook, Meek Mill is a part of the action, chanting “Get ’em” too many times. It’s confusing. Why is Mariah the guest artist on her own single? She only takes the reigns towards the end, but she does very little to percolate the inspirational cut. I’m not being a hater, but the logic just doesn’t make sense, particularly since it’s been three years since the last offering by Carey.  SMH or better yet, SMDH.

Radio Airplay prediction: Minimal.

I’ve reviewed this single on my amazon page as mentioned in a previous post,  and you can check it out here:

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