What American Idol Means To Mariah Carey – The REAL meaning!

Mariah Carey, Triumphant © Def Jam

OK, not this is not some cushy post about what Mariah Carey feels about helping to choose the next superstar on American Idol.  This is the reason why I believe that Carey and any other celebrity would want to invest their time on the aging juggernaut of a singing competition. Get ready for it: PROMOTION.  Here’s my spill.

Mariah Carey has nothing to lose and everything to gain from being on American Idol. Why you ask? She’s past her prime/peak as an artist.  She’s no longer in her 20s, she is now 42 and married Mom.  Her comeback album, 2005’s The Emancipation of Mimi, was a huge hit  (She would’ve been 35 then), proceeded by a less successful E=MC2 (2007) and a gold-certified underrated Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.  R&B is not always about big ballads or adult-contemporary sensibilities anymore, something of which Carey and her contemporaries excelled at (Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton). So in the nutshell, any exposure or placement in the limelight only favors and propels Carey’s continued success in an industry that is based on trends and gimmicks.

OK, maybe you feel my opinion is cold and opportunistic. Well honestly, the music industry and generally anything music is quite competitively laced. As a musician whose went the course through both a Bachelor’s and Masters, competition and promotion are ‘everything.’ Mariah knows she has to compete with younger, arguably less talented artists. Why not aid in the process with a guaranteed salary and additional promotion. C’mon guys, you think she just released “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” recently for nothing? News/Publicity that she’s the new J. Lo on Idol.  That’s what American Idol means to Carey. The same it meant for a lethargic J. Lo and Steven Tyler, who have both experienced huge spikes in their relatively quiet careers as of late.

Here is a link to my recent review of Mariah’s new single: http://www.amazon.com/review/R19OXKRMSPCC2U/

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