K. Michelle Is Angry on “Kiss My A**” Single

Kiss My Ass – Single

There is something dangerous about a woman scorned, even if it is nothing more than an R&B song. Melanie Fiona had little faith in her man on “4 AM” where she sang “It’s 4AM and my lover won’t answer/probably somewhere with a dancer…It’s 4 AM and I think I might lose it/this mother fucker thinking I’m stupid/he must’ve bumped his head…” Yeah, all of us who had a crush on Melanie definitely took a step back.  While K. Michelle doesn’t go as far to call her man an “MF,” she almost might as well…

The R&B singer is one mad lady on her new single, “Kiss My Ass.” While “Kiss My Ass” avoids the incredibly overt path of say #2 Billboard Hot 100 Single “Fuck You” (“Forget You” in its edited form) by Cee Lo Green, it has the same  effect. Opening with upper register piano and a rather optimistic sound, K. Michelle anthem begins  in true ‘black woman scorned’ fashion “I’m tired of your shit” – two times in fact. She closes the sung introduction with just as much ‘class’ as she tells her man, “You ain’t shit and I’m leaving.” Wow, K. Michelle is “mad as hell” as Madea would say (oh yeah she name checks Tyler Perry later in the outro…)

So, K. Michelle means business.  While “Kiss” should probably just be a cuss-laced R&B cut to garner listener’s attention with it’s overt tone (aka publicity stunt for a relatively unknown singer), it is actually an enjoyable, stand-out cut. I mean as I dude, I was kind of scared of K. Michelle’s motives, but I still nodded my head…while looking over my shoulder!  The sound of the production contrasts Michelle’s angry message, as if Michelle is ‘killing with kindness.’ Filled with 808 thuds, touches of organ, and synthetic horn punches signaling separation between verse and chorus, “K.M.A” is well produced and certainly different from the crossover-R&B that characterizes the genre today.

K. Michelle doesn’t hold back, even if the production is a mix between classic and contemporary: “Cause you know who you are/and all you’ve put me through/raise your glass I hate every man/you can just kiss my ass..”  Yeah, you get the idea – sista girl is about to ‘set-it-off.’  Oh yeah that outro: “You and your mama, and Tyler Perry drama/even that baby/is it yours baby I don’t know…”

So guys, this is not your jam obviously – if you do listen to it, listen to it without the wife or boo. For any woman ever scorned, this maybe your new national anthem to compliment taking off the earrings before you beat somebody down.  Men, beware… K. Michelle coming for you, but not in a good way…

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