2012 Rap Tracks You Shouldn’t Miss (You Be The Judge!)


  • “Accident Murderers,” Nas featuring Rick Ross (Life Is Good)
    • Killer Hook (no-pun intended): “Accident murderer, act like you killed on purpose/liars brag, you put work in/you ain’t mean to murk him, your gun’s a virgin/streets are full of them read the bulletin/accident murderer/you just an accident murderer…”
  • “What It Look Like,” Curren$y featuring Wale (The Stoned Immaculate)
    • Why It’s So Good: Lush, soulful production; laid back and luxurious in sound
  • “3 Kings,” Rick Ross featuring Dr. Dre & Jay-Z  (God Forgives, I Don’t)
    • Why It’s So Good: Three heavyweights deliver superb verses; the production work uses a fine classic sample as its basis; Jay-Z’s final verse ends a cappella
  • “Way Too Cold,”Kanye West featuring DJ Khaled
    • Interesting Fact: The cut was formerly known as “Theraflu,” but that didn’t sit too well with the pharmaceutical company…
    • Lyrical Highlights: “…Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor…” (Hook); “We flyer than a parakeet, floatin’ with no parachute…” (Verse 1 & Verse 2);  “(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh) Get the Theraflu”
  • “Power Circle,” Maybach Music Group (MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 2)
    • Why It’s Hot: A nearly 9 minute juggernaut featuring Rick Rozay’s entourage signed with the Maybach Music Group, need a say more? Another + is the gospel-oriented, soulful production
  • “I Am Your Leader,” Nicki Minaj featuring Rick Ross & Cam’Ron (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded)
    • Why It’s Hot: Creative production alongside Nicki’s idiosyncratic personality
    • Hook: “I am your leader, yes I am your leader/you’re not a believer, suck a …” (yeah you finish that one for yourself…)
  • “Summer on Smash,” Nas featuring Swizz Beatz & Miguel (Life Is Good)
    • Why It’s Cool: Nas releasing a club track is epic in all facets. Mr. intellectual? Son of a jazz artist?  Throw in Swizz Beatz production which is always a +
  • “No Squares,” Curren$y featuring Wiz Khalifa (The Stoned Immaculate)
    • Description: A stoner’s dream track, the tempo is slow, Curren$y’s rhymes are characterized by his lazy, southern drawl and Wiz is at his best rapping about, well Mary Jane… (“I’m rolling up an insane amount of smoke…”)
    • Hook: “No square shall enter in the circle of winners…” There you go.
  • “I Got This,” Big K.R.I.T. (Live From the Underground)
    • Why It’s Infectious?: Old school production; repetitive in the idiom of southern rap (simple hook)
  • “Ray Bands,” B.o.B (Strange Clouds)
    • Hook: “…She want them Ray bands…”
  • “Potty Mouth,” Tyga featuring Busta Rhymes (Careless World: The Rise of the King) 
    • Description: Yep, Tyga’s mouth is pretty dirty and the sexual references run rampant. The production is superb as is the catchy hook.  The best part? Busta Rhyme kills it!
    • Hook: “I get money, I make money/I take money…I’m ’bout whatever… Two more shots, then I’m out…” (you get the idea…)
  • “Black Magic,” Meek Mill featuring Rick Ross (MMG Presents: Self Made, Vol. 2) 
    • Hook: “Poof! there go the car/poof! there go the crib/Poof! A hundred mil, David Copperfield…” (coolest hook ever!)
  • “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Big K.R.I.T. (Live From the Underground)
    • Why It’s Cool: serious message, mysterious, enigmatic production work
  • Same Damn Time,” Future (Pluto)
    • Why It’s Worth the Time: On most of his debut Pluto, Future is way too concerned about experimenting with auto tune that it messes with his flow.  He manages to balance out the use of auto tune and effects on this ‘banger.’ It’s ludicrous mind you and he is ‘cocky and confident,’ but you can’t help but nod your head.
  • “Parachute,” Future featuring R. Kelly (Pluto)
    • Why it’s Cool: R. Kelly always adds spice to whatever he’s featured on.  “Parachute” is no difference, particularly as he sings the world “Parachute” is gimmicky, modern-pop/R&B fashion.  He outperforms host MC Future.
  • “Faded,” Tyga featuring Lil Wayne (Careless World)
    • Description: Yep it’s nasty as everything else (“Potty Mouth” and the annoying “Rack City”), but the video is a sight to behold even if you dislike the song…
  • “Beez in the Trap,” Nicki Minaj featuring 2 Chainz
    • Should This One Be Here?: Okay let’s face it, we couldn’t escape this little explicit ditty.  Where you consider that a good or a bad thing, well I’ll leave that up to you.  Even the edited edition of  the song that Minaj performed at the BET Awards was, risqué…

I’m sure there are others that could be added to the list, but I’m tired of analyzing now…

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