New Songs Release 6/5/2012


So Tuesday means new release day. Several new singles graced the music world in all their glory.  I have decided to highlight a few… 
  • Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, “All Around The World” (POP): Unsurprisingly, tween superstar Bieber releases another ‘tease’ for his upcoming Believe album. This one, like his mentor Usher’s “Scream” delves into electro-pop territory, contrasting the soulful-pop of “Die in Your Arms.” Sure, “Die In Your Arms” has pubescent schmaltz written all over it, but “All Around The World” is more ‘generic’ and static. I’d rather have ole boy pour out his teenage heart than half-heartedly deliver this bore.  Furthermore, compare this to the annoyingly, splendid (or just annoying) “Baby” which also featured Luda and you will see this is not on the same level. JB get on your own level dawg!!!   MY GRADE: C – does nothing for me… 

  • Lil Wayne featuring Big Sean“My Homies Still” (RAP)“My Homies Still” certainly foreshadows the crazy direction of I Am Not A Human Being II, Lil Wayne’s upcoming follow-up to the first one.  Lifting off of Big Sean’s “Dance A$$,” the loopy cut may not have much substance, but it is interesting to listen to.. or at least figure out what you are listening to… Weezy must have definitely been hanging around Nicki Minaj during Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded… MY GRADE: B… I think 😕 

  • Sean Kingston featuring T.I., “Back 2 Life (Live It Up)” (POP/RAP): So this cut marks Sean Kingston’s ‘comeback.’ While I am more than happy Kingston is back to full fruition, I was never a big fan (save for “Beautiful Girls”) and even this T.I. feature doesn’t convert me.  Well produced but kind of generic, “Back 2 Life (Live It Up)” does not strike me as a ‘hit’ but who knows these days? Going by the latest two #1 hits (“We Are Young” by fun. or “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye featuring Kimbra), I’m looking for something more original and unique than this cut…  MY GRADE: C – nothing new hear, save for new ways to produce stuttering hip-hop drums… 
  • Rick Ross featuring Meek Mill“So Sophisticated” (RAP): Rick Ross was supposed to release his anticipated fifth studio effort God Forgives, I Don’t back in 2011, but that never came to fruition.  Based upon the singles released, Ross seems to only be improving as an MC, at least from his Port of Miami days.  “Free Mason” this may not be, it does remind one of “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” as far as the way Ross phrases his rhymes.  What is creative is the lack of a truly credible hook, which gives this cut more of a ‘mix tape’ vibe than a commercial rap single. Meek Mill continues to be a rising personality within the hip-hop community…  GRADE: B – path already tread… 

  • Austin Mahone, “Say Somethin'” (POP): Disney-faithful tweens are screaming everywhere.  Viral discovery Austin Mahone looks incredibly similar to, well every other tween star.  Thank Justin Bieber for starting the trend.  Now that JB is aging at the ripe age of 18, the Cody Simpson(s), Austin Mahone(s), and Greyson Chance’s can take over… Oh and as for the single… well I think Mahone has said enough personally.  MY GRADE: C – , Nothing I haven’t heard a million times over…

  • Angie Stone, “Do What U Gotta Do” (R&B/SOUL): I love Angie Stone, though “Do What U Gotta Do” doesn’t necessarily put her in a ‘new place’ I haven’t heard her already perform/excel at.  The production is soulful and standard fare. Vocally, Stone sounds polished as ever, though never ‘breaks a sweat.’ If you are looking for a solid, overt soul cut laced with harmonized background vocals, “Do What U Gotta Do” is for you.  MY GRADE: B – Angie does what she does as usual… 

So what is my favorite single that I reviewed? I wouldn’t lose much sleep if I didn’t/hadn’t hear any of them, no disrespect.  Let me ponder on that… 

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