Bobby Brown’s ‘Masterpiece’

So Bobby Brown, the King of R&B released a new album this Tuesday, June 5, 2012, entitled The Masterpiece.  There are a lot of things wrong with this picture.  The first is that Bobby Brown is ‘The King of R&B.’ That is a title that has been far over-attributed to an artist who hasn’t truly ‘had a run’ successfully in the industry for years.  Sure, you could argue that the title “King of Pop” was undeserved by Michael Jackson considering his lengthy hiatus from recording and releasing new music prior to his death.  However, the difference is that Jackson’s music has lasted the ‘test of time’ while Brown is mostly know for “My Prerogative” and maybe less so for “Don’t Be Cruel.”

The second rub of this whole new release ordeal is the fact that the album is entitled, ‘The Masterpiece.’ I’ll refrain from the foul language that comes to mind when I first heard the title and listened to the entirety of the effort, but it wasn’t ‘good’ or ‘great.’ This effort is the opposite of a ‘masterpiece’ and makes me even regretting spending the time for something I knew was going to be ‘rough.’ Live and learn.  I’ve posted my review for this on

Here’s the link to my review…

Photo credits:  © Universal Music Enterprises

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